How And Why Multiple Scheduling Can Be More Effective Than Just Scheduling?

So, you are new to Twitter and you want to drive maximum traffic to your posts? One of the foremost steps to win your audience on Twitter is to post interesting content and also to post it regularly. An active social profile on Twitter ensures that they give maximum content to their audience, audience that spans across different time zones and locations.

Let us take an example here, as a social marketer, I realise that a lot of Americans interact with my tweets exclusively on Saturdays at noon, whereas on Monday, there are more of Japanese users viewing my tweets. So, it would be important for me to tweet according to their timezone rather than my own. This is where tweet schedule would help you queue your tweets by assigning them a specific time schedule targeting users of a specific time zone. This would ensure your tweets are there to interact with your audience even in your absence.

In another case, if I’m a new user, I can create multiple schedules with different time gaps and see which schedule works better for me.

Strategically, this method of scheduling and then tweeting can be one of the most viable ways to reach your target audience, and also to discover which time slot brings you the highest traffic.

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Why Opt For Multiple Schedules?

Social media strategy might have a same layout for companies, however one always needs a unique and self-sustained strategy. The need is to figure out your market trend, user’s demand, effective sources and time period. And, multiple scheduling can help you learn much more.

Targeting a Specific Time-Zone

So, this is one of the most viable reasons to go for Scheduling. As a product or a service provider, you know your customers are located in far-off regions, and humanly it is not possible to connect to every user with a one single tweet posted at a same time. For instance, connecting with my followers in Tokyo, I have to make sure, I post a tweet when my Tokyo followers are active which means in middle of the night according to my timezone. With Scheduling, it becomes easy to connect with my followers through out the clock.

Testing your effective Tweet Time

Since, we live in a virtual world, it is important, we cater to the needs of the users worldwide. Therefore, test the same post in different time slots for a few days. This will help you gather your audience behaviour. Perform this practice for a few weeks to fix your sweet spot for gathering good response and maximise traffic.

Maintaining an active social presence

The more I say, the less I would because that is how strongly one's presence on web around the clock can be a deciding factor of their social growth. Choking home page of your followers with Tweets at a single stance will not only divide the audience's attention, but would also, divert them to other tweets. They might just pick and choose your tweets, may be leaving behind an important one. Therefore, Multiple scheduling can ensure uniform and well-rounded presence on social platform.

Reviewing performance of your Tweets

Once, you have scheduled tweets from the Schedule station at Statusbrew, you can always come back for a quick review. Our Sent Brewery options allows you to take a look at tweets posted on the specific day and time. You can also directly navigate to Twitter to view that tweet. This will allow you to see how your tweets have performed over a certain period of time.

How To Create Schedule/Multiple Schedules?

Following the screenshot given above:

  1. Select the option, Schedule from the menu to the left of the screen.
  2. Click + to add a new schedule.
  3. Select the timezone according to which you would like to post.
  4. Specify the days on which you would want to tweet the post from this schedule.
  5. Add the Posting time in tweet schedule list. You can either manually fill-in the time or allow Statusbrew to assign add posting time to the list.

How To Post Tweets With Schedules?

  1. Login at Statusbrew and visit the post section of the account. Here, by default you can view the page Scheduled Brewery.
  2. Now here, you must first pick your accounts from the account selector option. Now, write tweet in the Share your mind box.
  3. Select the Schedule which you’d like to sync with your Tweet.
  4. In case, you are posting the same tweet from multiple accounts, you would be required to select the schedule for each account from the available list.

There you go.. This will update your tweets in the scheduled brewery. You can view the tweets along with the schedule associated with the same.

So folks, as I said before interacting with audience across web is crucial for surfacing your presence on Twitter. The secret is to have your own voice amidst the noise on social networks. Therefore, post well and post it regularly via your social station at Statusbrew.

If you have any query or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below, or you can also send us a quick message at our support station.

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