Values At Statusbrew

Values At Statusbrew

Statusbrew helps you unlock the power of social media to connect with people who matter

Our journey from Unfollowers to Statusbrew has been enriching and a great experience. We have grown and multiplied so beautifully over the years. What stayed constant over this period of transformation is our set of values- values that bind us together, hold us in our tough times and give a light of solution when things seem downhill. These values are based on our workmanship and our working environment at Statusbrew. They have evolved over years of interactions of each employee at work. Since, you all are an integral part of our doing and belief, we thought of sharing them with you. 


Virtual world is about social connections. Idea is to pour genuine warmth and affection into it. We are not just connecting people with us, or to one another but we are creating relationships- relationships that are meant to last.

Sense of Self

The moment you join the company- you own it. It becomes your company not only in saying but also in doing. Whatever you do- you do it for yourself and for the company you believed in. Do, whatever it takes, but make sure you do it your way.

Happiness Is Inside-Out

We believe happiness can be created and gifted. Therefore, at the company, we believe happiness is part of us and our work. Each day is pursuit of happiness and betterment.
The happiness that you achieve in success, that one genuine smile that shines through the eye. We believe in delivering that.

When In Doubt, Communicate

Our company stands by strong communication. As long as you cage your thoughts and ideas, they would never grow. Set them free through your words, discuss it with your team, display them to the audience. There’s nothing more rewarding than discussing your inside with the outside world.

Be Passionate

As long as you are burning inside with the passion to create something new, bring difference in people’s lives, you are just moving things the right way.

Take Care

Of your customers, of yourself, and of your company. If you won't, nobody else would...