From "Unfollowers" To "Statusbrew" Family: The Journey Of Growth, Success And Happiness

WARNING: We understand that every branding and rebranding has a story to tell. Just in case you are wondering about our story- it isn’t a story. It is an experience lived not by one, but many of us from the team.

So, people generally happen to ask about your whereabouts- where do you work and stuff like that? and we are like, “There is a digital startup- Unfollowers, I work with them.” And people are like,“U-N-F-O-L-L-O-W-E-R-S, what is that?” and we would then flow with information and the company bio to reflect our passion for the company. We really wanted people to understand that Unfollowers is not just about unfollowing.

This was often discussed during our tea talks at work and then one day the conversation took a longer route leading to a deeper thought- if Unfollowers in its capacity is really self-explanatory about the nature of work it does. The answer was fearsome- it was ‘Maybe-Maybe not’. The grey part was like an alarm and a serious call for change- A big time change.

Ever since the inception of the company we have come a long way- initiated new features, failed at few, succeeded at many. This one bumpy ride of growth and development had certainly outgrown what Unfollowers said to do.

Although, we started with something as basic as a profile insight into its following/unfollowing, but over the years we matured in our outlook and capacity. Our feature range too diversified and we ventured onto social growth and analytics as well. However, in name we still continued as Unfollowers which we thought could be misleading to our users. In fact, a lot of users repeatedly asked us if we offered anything beyond follow-unfollow which of course we did.

We knew it was time for a makeover. Now that’s how it all started. We had all possible questions wrestling in our mind. It constituted with long rounds of conversation and longer rounds of coffee. The underlined idea- It meant Rebranding.

Rebranding is big and we had to be sure our company is ready for it.

And after all, rebranding isn’t simply like a renaming ceremony. Other than that, as a company we had to be sure of its overall diversification in services and product range. So after months of sleepless nights, preparations, coding-decoding, addition-deletion, decisions, revisions and re-revisions, Here we are- bigger and brighter as Statusbrew.

Why Statusbrew?

Unfollowers was definitely good, but Statusbrew is way better when it comes to social network management. It comes with new enterprise class of services. Users can now bring team members onboard, manage their social communications, automate their routine tasks, schedule their tweets and posts, grow their social accounts and so much more. Therefore, Statusbrew, our social butterfly, as we say it, is out on a big flight to conquer the world of social growth and management.

What’s Up With Different Stations?

Statusbrew comes as your complete social media management tool. We have different social stations, each under the incharge of social brewmaster who ensures that the best of tools and features reach you in the best of all possible ways. Our aim is to brighten up your social being.. We would love to make little cozy spaces in your world where you come in at your ease and experience the social brew with much comfort and precision..

So, Statusbrew with all its pride and humility welcomes you to the world of social growth and empowerment. We are because you are. So, go ahead, explore your social station at Statusbrew.


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Tarni Khurana

Content writer at Statusbrew. Wordsmith and an amateur artist.

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