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“Just when the caterpillar thought, its world was about to get over, it became a butterfly”

One of the most crucial decisions for a company ever is to metamorphosize its belief and ideas into a pictorial representation- logo. The logo of a company is like a speaking tree- depicting its values, beliefs and ideas. In fact, for giant companies like Nike, Twitter, Apple their logos have become so powerful that they speak for themselves without a by-name or any reference. Therefore, building an appropriate logo is as important as any other branding aspect of a company.

We choose Butterfly

Yes, after a lot of discussions, brainstorming and coffee inputs, we fixed onto Butterfly as our new logo. What truly inspires us about the creature is its ability to survive and transform Symbolically, butterfly is considered one of the most powerful symbol of transformation. It implies the journey from a lower to higher self- From ordinary to the glory..

Butterfly is also considered as a symbol of profound change and in relation to social world and networking, we do no different. Our aim is to empower users with the best of social media experience and networking, to get most resourceful tools for growth and expansion Also, looking at the butterfly, one feels inspired to face all the pressures of life- trials and tribulations and come out victorious. It is amazing to see how the little creature, enduring all odd circumstances transfers from caterpillar to butterfly.

The Social Butterfly

Now social butterfly is someone who is easy going and graceful. The one who knows who to make friends and settle simply for the best. Their skill of socialising is truly impressive and worth a notice. In fact, a social butterfly would be the last to disappoint you. Statusbrew works tirelessly for you in the same shade, ensuring that you get to experience the best side of social media.

Statusbrew has a New Flight

Initially associated with flight of a bird, we have always believed in undertaking the journey of growth and development with grit and determination. Over the period of 4 years, we have diversified our product range. Therefore, we felt the need to bring about a similar diversification in our logo and what else, than a butterfly to depict our flight of aspirations and growth. Much like butterfly, we believe in transformation and growth across social transformation.

Also, we too can relate it to the life cycle of a butterfly- its stages of growth, pressure, vulnerability, expansion and evolution.

So, Statusbrew isn’t just a social networking application, it is belief, a faith in working towards the extraordinary- to take a flight and soar high. Rather than anything, I’d congratulate you for believing in growth and transformation.

Here, is just a little note to remind you of the beautiful little butterfly cocooned within you… It is waiting to soar high within the open sky. Are you ready for the flight?


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Tushar Mahajan

CEO Statusbrew
  • Tokyo, Japan

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