Unfollowers For Facebook
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Unfollowers For Facebook

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We are pleased to announce our new feature to track "Facebook friends".

The other day, we asked you which what would you like us to Build "Unfriend for Facebook" or "Unfollowers for Tumblr".

The response was overwhelming and so we decided for speedy development of the Unfriended for Facebook feature, we wanted to release this before we go on vacation. We are proud to announce that we have already launched that feature. Now, you can know who has unfriended you on facebook. Simply login to the website using the Login with Facebook button to start tracking your friends list.

What do you want to see next "Unfollowers for Tumblr" or "Uncircle for Google Plus". Let us know, we will be starting on that one just after the vacation.

Check out our website Unfollowers and and let us know your feedback.

Thanks for supporting Unfollowers, we had a wonderful here, hope you too had an amazing year. Happy Holidays!

Tushar Mahajan
Founder of Unfollowers