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Innumerable blogs at innumerable times have quoted about time management and strategic approach towards Twitter. Surprisingly, billions of people around the world spend more time socialising on web than anywhere else. Therefore, the entire domain of cyberspace becomes very crucial for marketing, development as well as communication. We, at Unfollowers aim to ease out the whole experience, thereby bringing you the feature of Automation.

As the word Automation suggests, to operate automatically. All you do is set rules and then allow us to do all the work. We do it for you even when you are away. Yes, it is that simple. We can send a 'Thank You' message to people on your behalf once they follow you, or a ‘Mention Tweet’ when someone adds you to their list. The possibilities go on and on. The world can be as diverse as your imagination, and all this world of exploration at automation lies just a step away.

How To Use Automation?

Before moving a step ahead, it is important to know that automation is an event-driven process. It works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose an EVENT (WHEN)

    • someone followed you
    • someone mentioned you
    • someone adds you to the list
  2. Set your CONDITIONS (WHO)

    • Filter the list of your followers by setting in conditions which may vary from language, country, timezone, ratio of following to followers, account age, etc.
  3. Select the desired ACTION (WHAT)

    • Send a Direct Message
    • Mention them in a tweet
    • Add to a list
    • Tag them
    • Add to Whitelist

First, choose an event as to when you would like a certain action to get triggered, followed by filter as to whom you want to target, and lastly, the type of ACTION you’d want to take place.

For an instance, a multilingual author, who just released a French edition of his English novel, wishes to send a direct message about the new edition whenever a French native follows him. This might sound cumbersome and one long tiring project, however Automation makes it easy, really easy.

Step 1

To set the above rule into action, Login with your twitter account, Select Automate from the top bar, and then Rules from the left bar.


Once there, Set a rule name as the Author here writes, ‘Mention French Followers’. Choose an Event from the list such as ‘Follow me’.


Step 2

Apply the filters. The author here uses a ’language filter’, French. You may use any number of Filters to add precision to the list.


Step 3

The Author here chooses to mention them in a tweet telling about the French edition of his novel or else, you can also send a direct message to the targeted group.


There you go. The Rule is now active and it can be edited, enabled or disabled at any time. You can further add and create more rules to the list.

list all rules

The whole idea of automation is to strike a chord with your followers and make them feel special. Twitter thrives as a commercial, social and a cultural hub of communication, and we are sure each one of you would want to do it smartly. Automation is time-saving and one of the key ways to establish a personal channel of communication. You can be social and yet personal. So, why work it the usual way when you can just automate. It's fun, it's easy and for free. Set your own rules and play it the real way.


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Tarni Khurana

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