Top 20 Unauthorized Instagram Apps

After the 'game changer' Facebook scandal, it made us wonder how secure is the 2nd social network owned by the same group, Instagram. Being not sure if Instagram isn't a partner in this crime, we decided to audit the applications which people too often connect their Instagram with.

To our surprise, most of the top listed applications which appeared with the search keyword "Instagram" on both Google Play Store and App Store, FAILED our Data Privacy Check Audit.

We targeted the apps which hovered around the concept of tracking your Unfollowers. Why? Because Instagram's policy for third party applications clearly states that generating any such list for users violates the policy.
This clearly points out to the fact that there has to be something fishy with the method by which you connect your Instagram to these apps.

For most apps, rather than authoring via Instagram, they basically disguised the login page as an official Instagram app that leads unsuspecting users to a phishing website — after which it will ask you to enter your username and password. While rest, simply make you add your username and password directly to their app form.

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Unfortunately for the victims, that information is then sent directly to the hackers who built the app. How comfortable are you when you know the login credentials of your whole Social Life are in hands of many people you're not even aware of!

For some, it may not be a big deal if someone gains access to only your Instagram account, but a bigger problem is that 80% of the people share the same login credentials for other websites — such as Facebook, Google, or even their Online Banking.

How to check if your apps are Authorized via Instagram?

For this, you need to login on Instagram web, go to your Profile page and

  1. Click the “Settings” icon to the right of 'Edit Profile'
    Settings icon

  2. Select “Authorized Apps” from the menu
    Authorized apps

  3. This gives you the complete list of all applications you've ever logged in via Instagram or connected your profile with
    Authorized apps

We were shocked to find out, NOT one of these popular applications with over 100M+ users and generating Millions $$$ in revenue showed up here. We're not claiming that they would have stolen your password for atrocious purpose or read your personal DMs, but yes, they have your password and your privacy is at stake!

Let's see the winners of unauthorized apps

Top 20 Applications that are NOT Authorized via Instagram

As you scroll through this list, if you see you're using any of these apps, we highly recommend you to immediately change your Instagram password.

Bonus check point: If you change your Instagram password, you'll see none of these apps will be able to sync their data for your profile.
Changing your password never affects the authorized apps, because simple, they don't have your password ;)

  1. Followers Insight : It is one of the applications that even some of our teammates tried using at some point. 😱 We were surprised to not find even this application in the list of the authorized apps for Instagram. Follower Insight for Instagram provides multiple features to its users.

Followers Insight
     (Available on iOS, Android. Installs: 10,000,000+)

  1. FollowMeter for Instagram : FollowMeter claims to provide the simplest way to manage your Instagram followers. Their powerful analytics allow you to access deep insights into your Instagram account, monitor your follower growth and manage your account effectively, but they have your password!😧

     (Available on iOS, Android. Installs: 1,000,000+)

  1. Unfollowers & ghost followers: Unfollowers & Ghost Followers (Follower Insight) application is also available on the play store. What they frame about themselves will surely attract the users “Find your Unfollowers & Ghost Followers and more! Totally Free! No limits!”. There's no way to know your Ghost followers. 👻

U&G followers
     (Available on Android. Installs: 1,000,000+)

  1. Reports+ : The application Reports+ Followers Analytics for Instagram frames itself to be the most advanced, fastest and the most secure Instagram follower analysis tool in Play Store and AppStore. And they had the best Fake Instagram login page we've ever seen! They even have written it down in bold that Instagram manages your password and we don't store them, but then why don't you list up under Authorized apps? 🤥

     (Available on iOS, Android. Installs: 500,000+)

  1. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers for Instagram : They assure the users by framing (“Get the best and most beautiful Instagram management tool on your Android device”) over the web.😇

     (Available on Android. Installs: 500,000+)

  1. Follower tool for Instagram : The application Followers Tool for Instagram frames that “You are at right place if you want to unfollow your unfollowers automatically”. This app tracks your unfollowers(And your passwords and usernames too!), automatically unfollows your lists, makes bulk operations and unfollows all your lists. All of this automation can get your profile suspended forever. 😥

Follower tool
     (Available on iOS, Android. Installs: 1,000,000+)

  1. Unfollowers for Instagram, Lost : It helps you to find unfollowers (non-followers or lost followers) on Instagram. They even state that “ They provide a Login using your Instagram account username and password (Instagram API auth used)”. No, we caught your lie! 👎🏻

     (Available on Android. Installs: 100,000+)

  1. Likes & who viewed for Instagram : This app states that if you want to become popular on Instagram, then this app is created specifically for you! It was created for a convenient service to track follows and followers for Instagram and analyze their pages. Sounds nice, nah! 👍🏻

Who viewed
     (Available on Android. Installs: 100,000+)

  1. Unfollow Users for Instagram : With this app, you can unfollow the users you are following. This app assures the users that it is very easy and quick to unfollow users. And it is free for you to use!🙌🏻

Unfollow users
     (Available on Android. Installs: 100,000+)

  1. Followers Chief : With this application you can see who stopped following you. "Followers Chief" states that it is simple and without ads. 🚀

Followers chief
     (Available on Android. Installs: 100,000+)

  1. Unfollowers for Instagram : This application helps you to find unfollowers (non-followers or lost followers) on Instagram. Unfollowers app detects unfollowers on Instagram and shows you a list of users who not follows you back.👀

Unfollowers for Instagram
     (Available on Android)

  1. Lite For Instagram : It states that it is a secure lite weight android application through which you can browse Instagram and also save photos and videos to your device. If secure, then why it didn’t show up in the list of authorized applications linked with Instagram. ⚡️

     (Available on Android. Installs: 100,000+)

  1. Cleaner for Instagram Unfollow, Block and Delete : With this application you can mass unfollow Instagram users. I wish this was authorized by Instagram ☹️

     (Available on iOS, Android. Installs: 100,000+)

  1. Unfollower Fast for Instagram : This app also help you find instagram unfollowers. Seems like they sit around to track who unfollowed you and notify you right away. 🎉

Unfollower fast
     (Available on Android. Installs: 10,000+)

  1. Unfollowers+ : Unfollowers + for Instagram (Beta) help you to find your unfollowers, mutual followers, fans and mass unfollow them.🤣

     (Available on Android. Installs: 100,000+)

  1. Follower Tracker for Instagram : It is a tool for follower analytics on Instagram. It provides the users with the features like Track gained and lost followers, Track the performance of your post etc.😋

Follower tracker
     (Available on Android. Installs: 10,000+)

  1. Unfollowers & Ghost Followers (Follower Insight) : This application finds your Unfollowers & Fans & Mutual Followers & Recent Unfollowers and more.🤔

Follower Insight
     (Available on Android. Installs: 10,000+)

  1. Follower tracker for Instagram : With this application you can find your Instagram Unfollowers, Ghost followers, Loyal followers. 🤢

Tracker for Instagram
     (Available on Android. Installs: 10,000+)

  1. Unfollowers & Followers for Instagram : With Unfollowers & Followers for Instagram, you can find who unfollowed you, who follows you, who is not following you back. You can also track new followers, delete followers and just unfollow all non-followers on Instagram.😶

Unfollowers and followers
     (Available on: Android, Installs: 10,000+)

  1. Likes+Followers Boost : This application is last on the list. This app frames that you can find your Unfollowers, Ghost Followers for Instagram. They also assure you that you can get more likes, followers by using trending, special, and secret hashtags (#tags) 🤔

     (Available on: Android, Installs: 10,000+)

Be smart enough to not be cheated by the phishing webviews

If you see an interface like this, that helps you login using your instagram details, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are directed to Instagram page for login. It might be merely a trap in disguise, tracing all your details, just a webview identical to that of Instagram.

Login with Instagram

There are a surprising number of ways for your personal information to be stolen, accessed, or simply looked at by others. This is because of these webview experiences that the apps provide, make phishing attacks are easier.

If, Google and Apple update their webview experience by exposing the URL of the website for in-app web view, it can help reduce the phishing attacks from such apps.

We suggest you to check under Authorized Apps for any application that you're currently using or connect to in future. You need to be aware and cautious, or else, the web can be a dark place for your privacy.

We'll love to hear your thoughts on the data privacy of users down in the comments below.

Disclaimer: The names of the applications included in this experiment are subject to change. We will happily remove the name of the apps from the list if any of these are legitimate.


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