What Is Your Happiness Score At Work?

I still remember the days when job was about giving half of your life to a desk and burning both the ends to meet the deadlines. Today work culture has undergone a complete renovation. It is much beyond a '9 to 5' job. Employees don't simply look work but satisfaction beyond work- It is about your work space, interrelationship with co-workers, a healthy environment which inspires you to hit the floor every morning with energy and zest to do great tasks at job.

If that isn’t happening for yourself or for your employees, you need to give a second thought.

Each work environment is an extension one’s belief, ideas and vision. Your physical spaces, intercommunication and developmental ideas should also reflect the same. Let’s take them individually in the following round.

Create 'Creative Environment' at Work

creative environment at work
The working environment can bring about a complete change in the way employees and co-workers respond to it.

Cubicles Or Open Spaces?

Compartmentalisation in form of cubicles symbolically mark each individual’s territory thereby isolating him from the whole space and limiting him to 4x4 box. Complete open spaces too can lead to lot of distractions and noise which can further drop the level of productivity.
Therefore, to bring out the best of your employees, make them work in a disciplined and an open environment where employees are free to make use of their spaces. After all, not everybody can fit in a cubicle and work productively. Few might just love to work in open area,others might refer working with their headphones on.

The idea is to let workers connect with their work spaces.

Interiors of the Workplace

Colors have known to create effect on one's mind and productivity level.Studies conducted by institutions like the University of Hawaii at Hilo have identified how colors affect a work environment. In fact, white which has been used since ages at work isn’t considered stimulating or invigorating anymore. Breathe life into your work stations by using energetic tones of blue and green. Tones of orange and yellow can add warmth to the area. Play safe with single tones and avoid too many bright tones in the same area as this may be distracting.. Nature lover or not, trust me nothing can substitute greenery. It can give much needed warmth and calmness to the working areas.

Recent study by Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington State University states that plants significantly lower workplace stress and enhances productivity by almost 12 percent. So make sure, you have enough of green spaces to brighten up your environment.

Outdoor Activites

A lot of workstations encourage outdoor activities and short trips among its team members. Such activities bring team members closer to one another and encourage a positive work environment. Squash over the weekend or an off tour by the countryside can give team much needed break and relaxation. Besides team spirit, such activities can make an employee happy and satisfied about his job. In fact, It is a complete thrill to watch the entire team laugh, learn and work beyond ‘work’.


communication at work
No working environment can exist in isolation. Active and well-built communication is one of the pre-conditions to its success.

Forms of Communication

It is a preconceived notion that in a formal set-up- thoughts and ideas must flow either in upward or downward direction. Many companies still stick by formal set of communication where information flows systematically from one level to another. However with rapid changes in the work culture, there is an ardent need to bring about a pool of changes in the process of communication. Active form of communication can be motivating and encouraging for the leaders as well as the team members.

Channels of Communication

Rather than linear - horizontal or vertical form of communication, one must prefer free round of communication, where both employees and department heads can freely speak their mind. Private engines such as Slack, HipChat, Hangout should be used where different avenues should be dedicated to communicating different ideas and team plans. Different groups and avenues should be assigned for disseminating plans and sharing ideas. This ensures that all members have an equal say in goal-setting and building. Also, this ascertains that different departments work in the same direction.

Role of Feedback

Also, every round of communication must be rounded by feedback to ensure the message is well-read as well as understood. Feedback rounds up the process of communication and ensures two-way flow of information and ideas This diminishes any scope of error because well-said is always well-executed. Dedicating different channels for group communication ensures greater understanding among its team members. Also, it fades out differences as an individual would always communicate to the team of individuals rather than just individuals.

Communication Tip

No matter at which position you are, what job you do- Humility always pays. A word of ‘Thank You’, a note of ‘Please’ would do no harm but pure good. Such gestures in speech can not only bring about harmony, but also positivity. Make sure you always appreciate each other’s work, give a note of approval whenever required. After a heavy session of hard work and toil, a simple message of ‘well done’ can make your day. Trust me it really works.

Scope of Experimentation and Learning

experimentation at work
You can reach heights by hardwork and persistance, but true success is marked by evolution. The same goes for companies and startups. Great company is about great men and great ideas. Make sure you give room to each one of them.

Sense of self and team

A good company would always think of its employees not merely as its working hands but as unique individuals. To ensure your team members give their heart and soul to work, make sure they have their heart and soul in the work they do. Goal-setting and team plans should always be discussed openly with team mates where they can give their viewpoints.

Also, there must be a room for individual growth within the circle of company's growth. This can lead to some honest employees by your side who would work for your organisation as their own.

Training and Development

With the rapid changes in technology and working style, one can not afford to be stagnant. In fact, what was relevant 5 years seems completely outdated in today’s environment. Therefore, the need of the hour is to evolve and be acceptable to changes. Employees must be exposed to different training and development seminars so that they keep themselves updated. Indulge in conversations, watch productive videos, subscribe to various newsletters from around. This would ensure regular flow of information from the outside world. Also, take time to read books. They can give much needed conditioning your brain..

The journey uphill is never a single-ingredient recipe. It requires constant addition, deletion, revaluation and careful analysis. Make sure your work environment has a right balance. This reminds me of one of the Henry Ford’s saying, "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." Tell us about your working environment and how do you rate happiness at work? We would love to hear from you.


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