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For anyone who is trying to build a presence on Social Media, time is something that they can never get more of. Creating a beautiful post and then sharing it on all the Social Networks is everyone’s biggest concerns.
New Limits On Statusbrew
After the recent changes in our application in accordance with the changes in Twitter’s Developer Agreement and Policy and Automation Rules, we were in constant talks with the Twitter developers. We previously discussed about their efforts to control spam and aggressive actions to make Twitter a better platform with more authentic ways to make connections. In our efforts for helping them achieve this goal, we have updated Twitter action limits for our customers. These updates will help you be more genuine in your approach to grow your Business and personal brand on Social Media. You will be able to position yourself in a better way amongst your target audience.
Important Twitter Policy Updates and Changes
In accordance with the recent changes in Twitter's Developer Agreement and Policy and Automation Rules, we will be taking down and updating some of the features in our application.
New Statusbrew Publish
Lately, a good number of social networks have captured a significant reputation. This has made the Internet a diverse community to share multiple ideas from technology to lifestyle, earth to stars and what not. With Social Networks acting as filters for content types, every business needs to create and publish appealing content on relevant social channels for their audiences.