Influencer Marketing Strategy As A Growth Hacking
I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research lately about Influencer Marketing. Yes they are two different things, reading and researching. We’ve already mentioned about Influencer Marketing being a prominent Marketing Trend in 2018 in the blog link mentioned below; which I obviously want you to click and read through.
How to Become an Instagram Influencer
Instagram’s prime focus has always been building connections and communities. It has always tried to serve itself as a platform for aspirants to become Influencers. A lot of people have cashed in on this ability of Instagram and have garnered credibility on it. But recently, there has been an observed shift in the approach of people becoming an Instagram Influencer.
A Guide To Growth Hacking
In the absence of big budgets and experienced marketing teams certain startups cracked the mystery of how to get people to use their service/product at that time. How did they do it? Growth Hacking! Rethinking marketing from the ground up, is what it can be called. It’s a term that came into being 7 years ago and since then these two words have made us rethink our whole approach to marketing because it is not marketing, well not purely.