10 Reasons To Use Twitter For Business
Think about your cell phone. You cannot do almost anything without it. It’s not a luxury but a necessity for you. You need it to call your friends and family, you use it most of the times to access the internet, you probably do a lot of powerful calculations on it. And now think of Social Media, specifically think of Social Media for your business. It’s like you need to buy a cell phone. But more than buying a cell phone, it’s more important to decide which phone do you want to buy.
5 Twitter Hacks To Grow Your Followers On Twitter
Just be practical for a minute and accept that Twitter is a super amazing place to hang out on the internet because the flow of ideas and content just never stops. From my personal experience, I can tell you that it’s completely worth to spend some time to grow your followers on Twitter.
We’ve Updated To The New Twitter 280 Characters Limit
With today’s 'Tweeting Made Easier' update, Twitter has now doubled its posting limit to 280 characters. While this change has been the biggest for Twitter community ever since was launched back in 2006, Twitter users responded to the rollout with "All we wanted was an edit button". As soon as we received the request to update the same from some of our customers, we implemented the #280Characters limit for your Twitter publishing from Statusbrew.
Link Post in Statusbrew
As a business, getting your customer’s attention is important. If you’re not doing that, there is no benefit of pitching them. It’s not just you but your competitors also, who are competing for it. You need to come forth as someone who is genuine and communicate more clearly. One way to do that is by making your Social Media posts look more authentic and clean. Your Social Media is the reflection of your company’s values. And you don’t want it to look spammy with links and bad hashtags, in any way.
New Limits On Statusbrew
After the recent changes in our application in accordance with the changes in Twitter’s Developer Agreement and Policy and Automation Rules, we were in constant talks with the Twitter developers. We previously discussed about their efforts to control spam and aggressive actions to make Twitter a better platform with more authentic ways to make connections. In our efforts for helping them achieve this goal, we have updated Twitter action limits for our customers. These updates will help you be more genuine in your approach to grow your Business and personal brand on Social Media. You will be able to position yourself in a better way amongst your target audience.
Important Twitter Policy Updates and Changes
In accordance with the recent changes in Twitter's Developer Agreement and Policy and Automation Rules, we will be taking down and updating some of the features in our application.
Build And Automate Twitter Sales Pipeline
Automating your social media marketing with the help of appropriate tools and having a solid plan in place from the beginning, can supercharge your marketing process. Whether you’re a startup or corporate brand, it has the potential to be a complete game changer. Statusbrew provides an all-in-one solution to your social media marketing efforts.
Rule Builder
Social Media can suck time out of your day and especially as a business owner, you just can’t afford to sacrifice any time. Communicating transparently, honestly, and regularly with your Audience will build their trust with you over time. We, at Statusbrew, have a solution to this which aims to ease out the whole experience, thereby the feature Rule Builder.
Feature Focus: Multi-Select And Bulk Actions
We know campaigning on Social Media could be a hard task especially when you need to send messages to a lot of people simultaneously. We realized this pain point and came up with a solution to it. Named as ‘Multi-Select and Bulk Actions’, this feature focuses on saving your time, making interactions with your audience easier and thus increasing your productivity. 
Now Twitter's 140 Characters Let You Say More
The 'saying more with less' style of communication that Twitter introduced almost a decade ago when the social media wave was taking off, has always been more than a mere 140 character count. It became a powerful tool used by marketers, brands, individuals and organisations of all sizes alike to reach out to their target audiences worldwide.