10 Reasons To Use Twitter For Business
Think about your cell phone. You cannot do almost anything without it. It’s not a luxury but a necessity for you. You need it to call your friends and family, you use it most of the times to access the internet, you probably do a lot of powerful calculations on it. And now think of Social Media, specifically think of Social Media for your business. It’s like you need to buy a cell phone. But more than buying a cell phone, it’s more important to decide which phone do you want to buy.
Track Social Media metrics and Social media ROI
Since the inception of the social world, marketers have been strongly debating on Social Media metrics that matter. If all the metrics are available, then why do thousands of businesses and brands still struggle to generate brand awareness and revenue?
How to Grow you Business on Social Media?
Establishing your business on Social Media doesn’t have to be a super difficult task. It's all about learning and executing new ideas, connecting and reaching the new audience and helping your audience in new ways.
Small business problems faced by entrepreneurs
Have you ever heard someone saying that running a business is easy? NO! Why? Because it takes a lot of practice to attain the self-discipline and determination to even develop a thought of handling the small business problems.
How Small Changes Helped Us Grow From $20K To $100K MRR In 18 Months
The beauty of adopting a SaaS framework is that you have a vast scope of experimentation. For Statusbrew, small changes in various stages of our working helped us see astonishing results. Sharing what we learned in our journey from 20K to 100K MRR.
Metrics Your SaaS Business Should Be Tracking
SaaS companies need to pay ultra-close attention to metrics that show their ability to attract customers at a reasonable acquisition cost, generate recurring revenue and retain customers. The three key categories for metrics can be defined as - Marketing, Sales and Customer Success.
How Businesses Can Make Use Of Instagram Stories
Instagram is a platform to showcase and share stylish, highly produced images that represent a user’s best work. Instagram parroted Snapchat’s boldest feature by releasing its own version as Instagram Stories which is a great way to share events as they happen without clogging up your carefully curated feed with dozens of throwaway images.
New Statusbrew Pricing Plans

Providing solutions that enable individuals, teams, businesses and almost everyone to maximise ROI on social networks is not enough. We need to empower teams and businesses of all scales and complexities to be able to employ Statusbrew platform to its full potential.