#BetterAmritsar : A Social Drive For A Cleaner Amritsar
Businesses have a big impact on the society that surrounds them, and the best way to make this impact positive is to contribute to a Social Cause. Although we aren’t an NGO, we try to approach the CSR strategically, recognizing the symbiosis between businesses and society here at Amritsar, and living on the values, both internally and externally. With the initiative of two of our core members Michelle and Rishabh, we could 'Give Back to our Society', by organizing our first ever cleanliness social drive under the name #BetterAmritsar.
Together We Can!
"To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.” So with lots of joyous energy and with a zeal of doing good for the society, Team Unfollowers organized a painting session in Amritsar under the banner of its regular corporate social responsibility activity named “Coloring Smiles”. One of our core members, Michelle who took this initiative and later she involved the whole team of Unfollowers.