Our Transformation From Unfollowers To Statusbrew
Unfollowers was a little sapling that surfaced on web 5 years ago by a graduate who tried to figure out the real play behind the followers/unfollowers count. Of course, reaching a mark of thousands of followers over a month is no magic but isn’t less either. Ignited by market forces, he went on to learn more about it and discovered that there were actual tools on web that could help users boost their following. There were applications that were doing this and a part of him told him, he too could create something like that.
Unfollowers Has A New Avatar :)
“Just when the Caterpillar thought, its world was about to get over, it became Butterfly” One of the most crucial decisions for a company ever is to metamorphosize its belief and ideas into a pictorial representation- logo. The logo of a company is like a speaking tree- depicting its values, beliefs and ideas.
The New Face Of Unfollowers
It’s been four years Unfollowers is doing hard to provide you the best social media management services. During this journey of four years, we have changed a lot in various aspects, whether they are features, customer support, publishing, social media interactions etc. Now, again the time has come for a new change and we are feeling immense pleasure in introducing you today with our new identity- Unfollower’s all new logo. Have a glimpse of it in the cover image of the blog. It’s a butterfly!
Together We Can!
"To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.” So with lots of joyous energy and with a zeal of doing good for the society, Team Unfollowers organized a painting session in Amritsar under the banner of its regular corporate social responsibility activity named “Coloring Smiles”. One of our core members, Michelle who took this initiative and later she involved the whole team of Unfollowers.
Filters: From Cluttered To Cleared
So you have a list of 50k followers and you were thinking to follow back a few of them. Hi, that’s not a bad idea. Now ideally, going through all those profiles individually would change seasons and for a smart user that wouldn’t be a good idea either.
Feature Focus - "Tagging Users"
Basically, Unfollowers.com acts as your manager. It enables you to create classifications in your user community by making and adding tags to any twitter user. This means you can bifurcate and deal with different categories of contacts like family, friends, business, guests, students, fans and so on and so forth. This makes sure that you can keep a distinct log of users without losing track of the kind of responses you have made.
Connect With The Right People
Unfollowers provide you a lot of features that will help you connect with right people easily. Analyze Your Competitors - This is our most powerful feature. You can add a competitor account and you can look at how your competitor is doing on twitter. We track your competitor followers and unfollowers and people who they follow and unfollow.
Analyze Your Twitter Community
Unfollowers is an easy and efficient way to manage your twitter and instagram account. We provide a lot of features that help you grow your social network and you will learn everything on how to better use those network and target right customers. Our tools are targeted for everyone, whether you are a new twitter user, a twitter enthusiast or a small Business to large Company.
Instagram Forbidden Errors Hack
If you are using Instagram and hit the Follow/Unfollow limit, you might be getting a Forbidden error on Unfollowers.com for your Instagram account. All Instagram third party applications including Unfollowers.com faces this issue. While it might take them sometime to fix that issue. Here is a quick way so you can make Unfollowers.com work with Instagram again.
Unfollowers For Facebook
We are pleased to announce our new feature to track "Facebook friends". The other day, we asked you which what would you like us to Build "Unfriend for Facebook" or "Unfollowers for Tumblr".