Increase Productivity On Social Media
Every business is about helping people and making profits. All businesses relate that to being productive but on Social Media the meaning of productivity changes when you move to different Social Networks. With changing times and users, businesses and their strategies also have to adapt not just to keep up with the expectations but also be leaders and trendsetters.
Bring Your Team Onboard At Statusbrew
As we take steps to move to our new social station, we also make room for your organization on board at Statusbrew where you can add members who can assist you on growth and management of various social network accounts. Team Management Feature is of great utility for social media managers who manage multiple accounts for different companies and MNCs.
What Is Your Happiness Score At Work?
I still remember the days when job was about giving half of your life to a desk and burning both the ends to meet the deadlines. Today work culture has undergone a complete renovation. It is much beyond a '9 to 5' job. Employees don't simply look work but satisfaction beyond work- It is about your work space, interrelationship with co-workers, a healthy environment which inspires you to hit the floor every morning with energy and zest to do great tasks at job.