Measure Your Social Media ROI with Statusbrew's Reporting
Are you curious to know what is the role of ROI (Return on Investment) in Social Media? And why it is important to measure the social media ROI for your business? Generally, If you ask this question to marketers, they all will give you different answers that increases your doubt instead of clearing it. However, they all agree on one thing that social media channels are capable of bringing enormous leads & traffic for websites that would eventually convert into customers.
Instagram Marketing Strategy
Let me begin with a convincing insight on Instagram Marketing Strategy. This Social Network claimed to have grown its monthly business advertisers to 2 million in September 2017, which was limited to 1 million in March 2017. That is 100% increase in just 6 months.
10 Reasons To Use Twitter For Business
Think about your cell phone. You cannot do almost anything without it. It’s not a luxury but a necessity for you. You need it to call your friends and family, you use it most of the times to access the internet, you probably do a lot of powerful calculations on it. And now think of Social Media, specifically think of Social Media for your business. It’s like you need to buy a cell phone. But more than buying a cell phone, it’s more important to decide which phone do you want to buy.
Content marketing goals
Let’s get over with two myths, One is Content Marketing is not a new form of marketing and the other is, Content Marketing Strategy involves all forms of content, not just written ones. Brands like Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Nike have been engaging with their audience since their establishment by storytelling, educating and providing value all the time to the personal level, by candidly understanding the power of content.
How To Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
Even if you’re not a fan of Social Media, it’s okay. It doesn’t have to be a great deal to stay away from Social Media unless or until you’re really concerned about your personal brand. But, what about your business? Can you afford to lose the benefits that your business can harvest with right Social Media Marketing Strategy? 
Influencer Marketing Strategy As A Growth Hacking
I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research lately about Influencer Marketing. Yes they are two different things, reading and researching. We’ve already mentioned about Influencer Marketing being a prominent Marketing Trend in 2018 in the blog link mentioned below; which I obviously want you to click and read through.
Social Media Statistics for 2018
On the Interenet, every click, view and even the emotion is tracked and noted somewhere in a form of statistics in order to understand the user behavior. For your comfort, I have compiled the most important 100 Social Media statistics for 2018 that you must know before entering the new year party.
Track Social Media metrics and Social media ROI
Since the inception of the social world, marketers have been strongly debating on Social Media metrics that matter. If all the metrics are available, then why do thousands of businesses and brands still struggle to generate brand awareness and revenue?
5 strategies to grow your business on social media
Over the last decade Social Media has emerged as a platform for people to connect on the internet. It is essentially the current state of the Internet. Businesses have started to realize this over the recent years and started to build their presence on all the relevant Social Networks. Social Media benefits your business in a lot of ways, like providing an easy way to communicate with your customers, understand customer insights, delivering exceptional customer experience and scaling your outreach/marketing efforts.
Social Media Marketing Trends 2018
We can see how Social Media has been emerging into the world of marketing for everyone since its inception. I have been writing a lot about how you can grow your personal brand and business on Social media with Social Media Marketing strategies on Statusbrew blog, but still, it’s mandatory for every one of us to go mainstream and educate ourselves with the Social Media Marketing trends for 2018.