5 Strategies To Grow Your Business On Social Media, That No One Is Telling You

Over the last decade Social Media has emerged as a platform for people to connect on the internet. It is essentially the current state of the Internet. Businesses have started to realize this over the recent years and started to build their presence on all the relevant Social Networks.

Social Media benefits your business in a lot of ways, like providing an easy way to communicate with your customers, understand customer insights, delivering exceptional customer experience and scaling your outreach/marketing efforts.

But in this bustle of know-hows, there are only a handful of businesses that are able to execute their strategies and grow their business through Social Media. But why do majority of the businesses fail to do that?

To solve this problem for you, stemming from months of research, we’ve developed a set of

5 strategies (and how to execute that) to grow your business using Social Media.

1. Create And Curate Content

You are already doing this, and know that it is important to create original and shareable content.

If you didn’t, well now you know.

It’s important to do that because you need to place yourself among the Thought Leaders and Industry Leaders. So you can create an aura of perfection in your social profiles.

Consistency is not difficult to achieve. You just need to strategically manage your investment in the process. Because you’re already short of time and resources. When your prospects come to your profile, your content must capture them there.

How do you do that?

Create and curate sharable content. It’s that simple!

To curate your strategy for a week, spend one day doing all these things:

  • Inspect your current set of posts and analyze which part of the content made them interact with it.
  • Don’t limit yourself to your profile only. Go research about your competition or influencers and your current set of users.
  • Go to their profiles and see which kind of posts do they like to share or interact with.
  • Reverse engineer the shareability aspect of your content and post content that is more on these terms.

You know you have to post text, images, videos, infographics etc. Take a good hard look at the content that you choose to share and decide if it is something that you, yourself, would share if you saw it somewhere on the internet.

If you won’t share it, there is a 100% chance that your target audience won’t share it.

But how do you minimize the resource consumption?

The 40-60 rule

This rule states that 40% of the content that you post should be about your brand and 60% of the content should be something that you share from other sources.

There should be a linear relation between the relevance and shareability. The 40% content that you share about your brand might be relevant to your target audience but is not sharable. Similarly, motivational quotes that you might share on your profile are sharable but not actually relatable to the audience, unless you are a lifestyle or business coach.

5 strategies to grow your business on social media

What’s so special about the 40-60 rule?

It helps you curate high quality content with a high shareability number, Consistently. This way you can focus more on creating your content that sets you apart from your competition and positions you in the space of influencers.

This is a step by step guide, how to do that.

Find Your Source

One of the best resources that you can use to find great shareable content is BuzzSumo. You just have to put in the keywords for the content that you want to share and you can see the list of the most popular content with the number of times it was shared. This is the shareability number that we talked about. Here you can easily point out the content that is more shareable.

Content Aggregator

Once you’ve found your best websites. Use applications like Feedly to get a continuous supply of content from all these sources. This way you can stay up to date with all the trends in your industry and create and curate content that you can easily share.

You can build credibility amongst your audience and as a source of the latest and most authentic information.

With the Shareability scale, you will be able to find more shareable content from an already list of great content. You will be able to drastically reduce the amount spent in curating content.

Social Automation

To scale your publishing efforts you should use automation tools through which you can schedule all your posts for every social network that you use. Statusbrew for one is a great tool that will let you do this.

Now that the content is ready, your audience will want to interact with you.

2. Be Present

If you are not doing this, you should be.

One of the most easy things to do but the most time consuming. You have to keep interacting with the people that are interested in you.

There are 2 ways to do that:

  1. Creating content for events that you know are going to happen
  2. Jumping in to conversations that are relevant to you

Even though it is important but how do you keep yourself from scrolling your feed for hours and how do you know if it is actually working?

The first thing is that you have to choose the places where you have to be present. These Social Networks should satisfy 2 criteria.

  1. Your ideal audience should be present there
  2. The type of content that you want the users to consume should be relevant.

Once you’ve found out the relevant channels for you to talk to people, start interacting. Make sure that your tone is relevant to the vision of your business. Don’t focus on selling, this way you will most likely fail. Just focus on having a real conversation with your community members.

Once you’ve decided the platforms that you are going to use, get an estimate of how much time you want to spend there.

Creating content for the events that you know are going to happen

The whole idea of being present is to be ready before something happens. Don’t misinterpret it as predicting the future. You should be prepared for the events that you know are going to happen.

For example, you know that Christmas is on Monday and you want to run a discount campaign. You should already have your images and your post ready for all Social Networks. So that you don’t have to spend time on creating the assets on the same day. Instead, you can focus on the people that are interested in them.

It’s easy to create images, you don’t have to be a designing wiz to create branded or beautiful images. Here are some tools to lend you a helping hand

After you’re done with making the images, you need to schedule these posts with social automation tools that I mentioned above.

Now that all the posts are out there, people are going to want to talk. Here, you need to find out the conversations that you need to be a part of.

Jumping in to conversations that are relevant to you

As a growing business, whenever someone talks about you, you need to be there to answer. But you also need to know which conversations to ignore.

Social Media is place that can grip your attention till a time that you cannot even think of. So how do you ensure that you don’t spend time liking memes when you’re actually trying to tell people about your product.

Use social listening tools. From the conversations that are actually meaningful for you, pick out keywords that you think most people use when they are talking about you. It’s not just you but your competitors as well.

Tools like Hootsuite and TweetDeck, let you create a feed for those keywords so that you only have the most meaningful conversations to jump into.

Instead of just talking about your product or service, talk about the solution to their problem without mentioning about you. Establish yourself as a trustworthy brand and not just another business trying to take money from their pockets.

Once people buy your product and come to your website, the first thing you should do is to ask them how they got to know about your service.


Because this will tell you how much of your effort worked out for you. You would be able to pin-point which Social Network works best for you and how much time should you actually invest in each.

There is a lot of noise on Social Media right now and it takes time for your brand to develop and be seen by your prospects. Today, growth hacking is another name for marketing, online or offline. In context to Social Media, what is there was something that could take your business of the ground and at least create a buzz about it.

3. Influencer Marketing

If you’ve been using social media, you might be familiar with the concept of shoutouts. This can get a crazy amount of traffic to your social profiles. And that’s when people know about your brand.

Who are influencers?

Although having a large audience is one characteristic, but it is not the only one. These are people that interact a lot with their community. They try to reply to every mention and DM that they get.

What is Influencer Marketing?

It essentially means getting influencers to talk about you.

Influencer Marketing is going to be a very prominent trend in the coming years. It is definitely one of the cheapest ways to scale your social presence and increase brand awareness.

Two important traits of Influencers are that they have a huge audience and they engage continuously with this audience. But what makes them unique is their way of presenting content. They constantly try to add value to any conversation that they are a part of.

If you build a connection with these influencers and get them to talk about you, you are going to get a lot of traction in many ways.

  • If they give you a shoutout, it directly increases your brand visibility
  • If they share your content, you are already leveraging their audience to increase the visibility of your content
  • Since they already have established their credibility, the credibility of your brand also increases

All this sounds very easy and fancy, right? It is.

Except how do you get them to talk about you?

First, you have to know how to spot a fake influencer. Just because there’s 100k written below followers, doesn’t mean that that person is an influencer. The engagement with other people is a better way to judge the influence.

Also, check their profiles on other social networks. See how active are they there.

Now, there are many ways to approach the influencers. Choose the most relevant one for you and the influencer that you want to talk to. In the message that you send to them, communicate your intentions very clearly.

Don’t just talk about yourself. Do a little homework and see what they care about, tell them why is it meaningful to them to talk to you.

Influencers like Neal Schaffer, Sam Hurley, Nathan Allen are already emphasizing on the importance of Influencer Marketing. These guys are famous for publishing great content, having a huge audience and always adding value while engaging.

When approaching them, be prepared to collaborate with them and that might involve money.

4. Be Prepared To Spend Money

If you’re not patient enough to let the SEO kick in and take your website to the first page, advertising on social networks is something that can consider.

Organic growth, for brands, is dying a slow death. Some Social Networks have updated their algorithms to prize more paid content and even less free content. It makes harder for brands to push their content onto their prospect’s timeline.

Let’s be honest, there is no use of creating content if your customers can’t see it.

I’m not asking you to pay here, I’m just asking you to be prepared. If you don’t plan, it will be a waste of your money.

There are actually some benefits of using Paid Marketing.

  • Better targeting
    Paid marketing allows a great amount of attributes to select from and then create a campaign that is targeted specifically for the audience that you want to target.

You can literally take your buyer persona and create a campaign for that persona and easily measure the return on all your efforts.

  • Better metrics to measure

Despite the traditional Impressions, Reach, Engagement, there are a lot of metrics that your business should measure for your content.

Paid advertising can get you insights of the demographics and conversions that matter. This way, you can rework on your strategy and target better.

Cost effective

The ROI of paid marketing is quite high. You’re able to directly map out what works for you and what does not. This helps you to position everything perfectly in your Social Marketing strategy to get the best results.

But, once started, be prepared to control your anxiety because it will take a while for the results to come.

5. Deliver Your Value Offline

It’s very important to let people see that you’re not a faceless person sitting behind a computer screen attending to their queries. Show your customers your human side.

Show them that you remember their birthdays, their anniversaries, when their children were born or an important event in their lives. This really creates a great connection with you.

Remember, businesses don’t do business with other businesses. People in one business work with people in other businesses.

Because every business’s goals is to create a community of loyal and happy customers. And this is the way you make your customers happy and loyal to your service.

Send them something customized that they would like to keep and share online. Might be a happy birthday card, of a sample of your new product. The most important is to assure that you have to make the it a part of the brand experience for anyone who decides to join you, so they will remember you forever.

An example is this:

Your business is something that you’ve built through the years. It’s your job to make sure that people find the value that you want them to have. Follow these strategies and make your business a success.

We've also made a video to help you with it.


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