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Social Media has definitely impacted the way businesses do everything, be it Customer Support, Social Selling, Increasing Brand Awareness or virtually anything. This is why Social Media has become such an integral part of every business strategy.

While some embark on this journey on Social Media on their own, others prefer to leave it to the pros. They tend to rely on coaches and marketing agencies to help them grow their social presence.

Being a Social Media agency, you know that to accomplish the goals of your clients, there are a lot of plans that need to be made and then executed which usually involve

  • Managing multiple social profiles
  • Social publishing for each profile
  • Preparing reports for your clients and management
  • Brand and Competitor monitoring for your clients
  • Allowing clients to efficiently communicate with their audience
  • Many other things among them.

Apart from that, you also have to manage different team members who are helping your clients make use of your service and you also have to focus on acquiring new clients for yourselves.

Ideally every agency needs to have the following steps in their Social Media Marketing plan:

  1. Setting Goals From Social Media
  2. Choosing The Right Platforms To Target
  3. Developing A Customer Persona
  4. Creating A Content Calendar For Publishing And Executing It
  5. Monitor Analytics And Prepare Reports For Clients

But more importantly, why is doing all this necessary? And what can be improved and optimized in the whole process?

Finding clients for your agency

While helping your clients achieve success on Social Media, you have to keep working on finding new clients so that you can grow your own agency as well.

Looking for these new clients is a lot of work and involves developing a very targeted process. Moreover, it is time consuming and demands dedicated attention and resources.

Being a SaaS platform that manages over 16 million customers, we understand the struggles that you face with acquiring new customers every day. This is why we built our platform in a way that it helps us and our customers grow their social presence and acquire new customers through Social Media.

Finding a unique voice for each of your client’s business

You have to answer the proverbial question that is asked in every big book of marketing. ‘What is the one thing that you can do better than anyone else?’. From what your clients tell you, create an experience that will communicate those values to their audience.

The more clients you have, the more voices you have to find and propagate through the social space targeted at your client’s audience. Which means a lot of planning, execution, analyzing and iterating.

This has to be done by maintaining a constant and consistent presence for your clients on the social networks where their audience is present. Not only that, you need to see what type of content is working and are you able to achieve the milestones that you set for social media.

Based on constant iterations, you will be able to find the right keywords and message that people connect to.

Your client’s clients are on Social Media

Everything is happening on Social Media. Because everyone spends a huge amount of time using Social Media, it’s important and logical to target the client’s audience there.

Timing is the key here. Although you are publishing the posts regularly on social media, you have to get the timing right. Try to focus on the timezones from where your audience is and focus more on publishing during those times.

What you need is a list of best posting times and days for your clients audience, according to each social network so that you can experiment with it.

Your client’s goals And objectives from Social Media

Everyone obviously wants to see a great amount of money coming in with every effort they make. But should that be your goal from your investment in Social Media? This is something that every organization needs to decide, or ask their clients about it.

Being an agency, you have different clients from varied industries and different organization sizes. Before you start any experiments with their social profiles, you should list down their goals from social media. What do they want people to do once they land on their profile?

  • Do they want people to buy their book?
  • Do they want people to sign up to their website?
  • Do they want visitors to share your content?
  • Do they want to interact with the people who visit their profiles?

All the planning and execution should start after you have answered this question because this will be the whole basis of your content creation and audience targeting strategy.

Everything that has been mentioned above, requires a lot of work and man hours. To cut down on this redundancy was one of the main reasons that we developed Statusbrew and included solutions that would allow agencies to work seamlessly.

Challenges That Statusbrew Solves For Agencies On Social Media

Social Media Marketing Plans look easy on paper but they are extremely difficult to execute. And on top of that when you are managing multiple social profiles, this complexity only rises exponentially.

To uncomplicate everything, we offer solutions to some of the problems that you might face as an agency:

  • Monitoring Results

This is perhaps the most important and understated step in the whole process of any marketing. After running any publishing campaign or target any new group of customers, you have to check if it is getting you the results that you aimed for.

You have to track the right metrics at the right time, form conclusions and make decisions for the next plan of action that you are going to take.

There are many things that can pose a challenge:

  • Deciding the right goals
  • Choosing the right metrics to measure
  • Measuring the metrics timely
  • Interpreting the changes in the metrics

How can we help?

Statusbrew will provide you with the comprehensive metrics that you need to track and make sense out of plain numbers and how they translate into your progress towards achieving your Social Media goals.

Statusbrew Reporting: Statusbrew For Agencies

 Statusbrew Reporting: Statusbrew for Agencies

We’ve written about all of this in out guide to measuring the right ROI and tracking the right Social Media metrics.

Creating Your Publishing Strategy With A Content Calendar

After all the research is done, you have to plan out the content that is going to go out for each of your client’s profiles. Since each client is different, you need to make separate plans for each of them and not one big clutter of posts that include all your clients.

Take some time out and plan out the posts that will go out for the next few days, possibly a campaign or a set of recurring posts.

How can we help?

Content Calendar: Statusbrew For Agencies

With Statusbrew’s calendar view, you can see an all encompassing view of all the posts that you have scheduled for your clients and filter them based on any combination of social networks.

Targeting The Right Platforms

With varied audiences and different goals from social media, the platforms on which the audience is present is bound to be different.

Every Social Platform is not meant to be treated as the same. Social Network today act as filters for the type of content that people consume. Based on this research, your platforms are to be selected.

Although grouping these platforms is the best way that you can manage the social presence for your clients. With the different strategies that you have made for all your clients, you need to measure different analytics that will tell if you are targeting the right platforms in the right way.

How can we help?


The solution that Statusbrew provides for this is comprehensive analytics with our Reporting. The different customizable reports let you perfectly view only the analytics that matter to you and analyze the direction in which your efforts are taking you.

  • Grouping social profiles of your clients based on any organizational structure

Why does grouping pose as a problem?

Every organization has a different structure and they want their social profiles to be managed accordingly. Creating a singular group that does not have any distinct characteristic will only complicate the organization structure.

Moreover, you have to manage these profiles in a way that is convenient for you as well. To find the perfect balance you have to be able to have a high level of customization that fits into any organization structure.

How can we help?

Statusbrew Reporting: Statusbrew For Agencies

The concept of Organization and Groups, our platform enables you to achieve that level of customization that lets you tailor the management of social profiles according to your needs.

  • Transparency for your clients

You have a big responsibility of helping your clients grow their social media presence but there should not be a communication gap between what you are doing and what your clients think that you are doing.

No matter how much you try to keep the conversation open through constant follow ups using emails, there will still be some things that will not be properly communicated.

How can we help?

Groups And Organizations: Statusbrew For Agencies

Along with your team members, you can also add your clients to collaborate with you on managing their social profiles, you can give them a particular level of access so that they can see everything that you are doing and work with you on that.

  • Getting separate analytics for your clients

Iterating on your social efforts is important and for that, you need analytics, for demographics, content engagement and the best performing content.

While it’s good to have an individual view of how your social profiles are performing, it is even more important to know how your brand is performing as a whole across all the social networks.

Based on how you have organized the profiles of your clients, you need the individual as well as collective details for the groups that you have created.

How can we help?

With the ability to create groups, you can group your social profiles based on any organization structure and get analytics for the demographics of your audience, the engagement that you got on your content and find out your best and worst performing content based on the goals that you had set.

All these analytics will let you know what type of content is working for which kind of audience and from which social networks are you able to target your audience better.

  • Audience finding and targeting

Every business has a different and a very focused niche that they are targeting. Each one of your clients is trying to sell a different product, so they all have different audiences and different influencers and keywords that they are looking for on Social Media.

This makes up for a huge amount of social chatter for you to go through and find the right people for your client’s business.

How can we help?

Statusbrew's social listening guides you find leads that you can convert via Social Selling, in addition, you can use social listening for identifying influencers and advocates in your industry. Not only this, you can also target the leads you have discovered by starting a conversation with them straight from Statusbrew's listening interface.

We’ve always aimed to make social media convenient for everyone whether it is an individual that wants to build their influence on Social Media or whether it’s an established agency like yours, who wants to find more clients while also growing the social accounts of your clients. 400+ agencies trust us with their social media success using our solutions. Take a demo and find out why we are a hand in glove fit for you.


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