Important Update On Statusbrew For Instagram

⚠️The Audience section has now been taken down permanently to comply with Twitter's updated policies.

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With effect from December 11 2016, we will be taking down some of the features from within the Audience section of the Statusbrew app. This is in tandem with the latest revision to the Instagram Platform Policy that restricts third party application, including Statusbrew from providing certain set of features, for instance using the API to exhibiting relationship between users. As per the Instagram Platform Policy Article 19: "Don't use follower information for anything other than analytics without our prior permission. For example, don't display these relationships in your app."

We are taking this important step to fully comply with the Instagram Platform Policy after a latest communication from Instagram to all third party applications regarding the same. Please note that this issue effects all third party apps that help manage community on Instagram.

Learn more: Instagram Platform Policy

What Will Change?

With the latest upgrade to Statusbrew app on web, iOS and Android users will see the following set of changes.

a.) Removal Of Features For Instagram

The following list of features from the Audience section will be taken down wef December 11 2016:

  • New Unfollowers
  • New Followers
  • Mutual Followback
  • Fans
  • Not Following Back
  • Whitelist

b.) No Access To Instagram Audience For New Users

When new users register on Statusbrew and connect their Instagram profiles they will have no access to the Audience section of the app.

What Will Not Change?

Publish For Instagram

There will be no change in how users can connect their Instagram profile to Statusbrew. Users will be able to fully access Publish where they can craft and schedule magnetic content to tell interesting stories to their audiences on Instagram.

Premium Users

For our premium users, we are talking to the Developer Relations team at Instagram so that they are able to access complete app for the period they have paid for. This will help us fulfil our commitment for the services already charged for.

Audience For Twitter

Audience for Twitter will not be affected and users can continue to perform regular actions for growth and management of their community on Twitter.

[UPDATE] What's New

Instead of the Instagram Audience section, we have introduced Instagram Insights. These analytics will make it easy for you to track the progress of your Publishing actions on your Instagram followers. Here is a quick look at what to expect:

Evolving To A Better Future, Together

Beginning December 11 2016, users will not be able to access Audience section on the Statusbrew application. This is a temporary measure and within a span of couple of weeks we will be streamlining features that are not only in compliance with Instagram's Platform Policy but also enhance the experience in how they use Instagram. Statusbrew's mission is to empower people to forge strong connections with that matter to their business, brand or community. With an unmitigated passion in delivering on this vision we will be rolling out a whole new level of experience to efficiently grow presence and engage with audiences on Instagram along with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus in a more cohesive manner. Users will be able to start using the new updated version of the app with Audience for Instagram by December 19 2016.

On behalf of the entire Statusbrew team I would like to thank all our users for imposing relentless trust and support in our endeavour to deliver the best solutions for all their social media management needs. I would like to assure that Statusbrew will work together with users to enable them to build strong and closely knit communities on social networks.

Do follow our blog for latest updates on the upcoming changes to Statusbrew for Instagram. For support and help queries do write to us and we will ensure all the issues are resolved.


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Tushar Mahajan

CEO Statusbrew
  • Tokyo, Japan

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