Top 15 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Businesses of All Sizes

In recent times, social media has its dominant influence in branding any businesses. Many social media statistics reveal how social media fills our everyday life. For engaging and driving customers, social media platforms play an unimaginable role. We could not deny the fact, that social media is the only way to reach the maximum number of audiences and hence, to make the business to stand out from the race you should roll up your sleeves and start focusing on all major social media platforms.

With the proper data and insights you are getting from social media networks, you can understand the behavior of your users. Moreover, social media enables the public to express their opinion on your products, services, brand, and support or even about your competitors. Hence, giving freedom to its fans, social media is favorite for all.

Why Social Media Monitoring or Social Listening is ESSENTIAL?

As the social media scale increases, your headache is also increasing in equal ratio. Content creation, managing likes, shares, followers, creating and handling posting schedules, engaging with followers, sharing general posts that grab attention, and the list goes endless. I am sure it is hectic to manage even single social media platform with all these tasks. Then imagine about handling multiple social media accounts.

However, we have to improve social media profiles, engage in social media though it is breathtaking to handle multiple tasks on multiple platforms. We have to be active in social media to connect with our customers, to provide customer support, to know how competitors are playing around, and to be up-to-date with latest trends.

Listening to all the conversations happening in the social media networks related to your brand or business is what social media monitoring or listening.

Another significant thing to note is, users may express positive or negative reviews. You have to respond instantly with appropriate counter. For that, you have to be available on all these social media platforms and give them instant reply. It will strengthen your brand identity.

Here comes, the role of social media monitoring tools where we have to rely on such tools for smooth functioning and to see better outcome over time. Another major objective is that you can get your ROI from social media with no doubt using these tools.

Top 15 Social Media Monitoring or Listening tools in 2018

There are a plethora of social media monitoring tools available in the market. Primarily, you have to gain in-depth knowledge of these tools to pick your best social media marketing software. Here I am listing best social media monitoring tools for small businesses in 2018.

1. Statusbrew

Statusbrew- Best Social Media Monitoring Tool

It is the first and foremost favorite social media monitoring tool for agencies for any businesses. If you are looking for a unified solution for managing all your social media activities like publishing posts, branding, community participation and complete monitoring of multiple social media networks, then Statusbrew would be the appropriate choice.

With Statusbrew Engage feature you can efficiently monitor and keep track of your brand mention over leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter. Moreover, the icing on the cake is that you can reply, like, retweet or perform follow/unfollow actions from the same platform. In comparison to other social media listening tool, it is much cheaper in price and has great functionality.

Besides monitoring, you can even have content analysis to publish on various social networks and to manage it from a single dashboard. Those who are struggling to manage their time in publishing posts with impressive content can make use of Statusbrew’s Media Library to save their time. You can efficiently handle your customers and convert those audiences to leads with its leads discovery features.

Statusbrew allows you to allocate tasks to your team if multiple users are accessing yours or clients social media networks. Status brew supports most popular social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+ and more. The pricing is at the very lower extreme, and also you can start enjoying its features for free too. You may realize its real features and benefits comparing other social media monitoring tools.

Price: Free, $20 per month, $40 per month.

2. HootSuite

Hootsuite monitoring feature

HootSuite is another popular social media monitoring tools, and it is an enterprise package tool for analyzing and listening to your social media responses. The platforms that Hootsuite supports include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram, Youtube and more. HootSuite allows you to view your RSS feeds easier and faster and to share them across your social networks. Moreover, Hootsuite integrates with a bundle of apps like Hootsuite syndicate Pro, Hootsuite Insights, Brandwatch, ReviewInc, etc., assisting you do perform almost tasks from its dashboard.

If you are a single user or a team, you may confidently prefer Hootsuite. It enables you to assign delegates from your team to handle specific tasks and sending personal messages. The training or support team of Hootsuite not only guide you on its tools, but it also covers whole social media arena.

Prices: Free, $19 per month, $99 per month, $499 per month

3. HubSpot

Hubspot Monitor feature

Hubspot’s is well known for inbound marketing and sales with its featured set of software. Even there are plenty of social media listening tools, Hubspot is no way lagging in marking its footprints in social media. Its social media software is not only to monitor and respond to your social media accounts, but you can also have detailed insights into the customer relationship and the leads through highly engaging posts.

Instead of merely watching the overview which drives more audience, you can track a funnel to discover which posts or activity brings you more leads and sales. Accordingly, you can be more proactive in particular. The common platforms do Hubspot support includes Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and more.

Prices: The plan starts at $200 per month, $800 per month, and $2,400 per month

4. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo Monitor tool

Buzzsumo is unique among all free social listening tools. It is not just to monitor your social media posts; it is a package for content research on social media networks. Along with its data on social media monitoring, it performs well on content promoting strategy.

Even for free, you can explore any topic or term you are into to see its popularity in social media, which social network it is engaging more audience. Depending on its results, if you see that particular topic is most familiar in Facebook, then you can improvise your facebook page, publishing videos and further to promote well.

Buzzsumo ensures your content planning and marketing over the social media networks.

Prices: Starting at $79 per month, $139 per month, $239 per month and $499 per month for entreprises.

5. Mention

Mention Monitor feature

Mention is an entire package for handling your multiple social media engagements. It has its reserved space for superior brands. It comes with a set of features allowing you to give authority to delegates, assigning tasks to your team, monitoring your team’s activity, creating and sharing alerts, report generation, importing reports, and the list goes on.

It supports multiple languages. It is a paid service. Mention generates alerts on its dashboard on every remark comes live. You can have more filtering options to retrieve your participation for a day and also you can have reports for a period to know your performance on social media.

Prices: Starting at $29 per month, $99 per month, and enterprise plan

6. Keyhole

Keyhole Monitor Feature

Keyhole is specifically to focus on Twitter and Instagram. Tracking and monitoring YOUR mentions alone is just a part of social listening. The crucial role is to know the market trend and competitor influence on your particular domain.

To handle such crucial task, Keyhole would be a predominant way. Keyhole gives you trends, insights, in-depth analysis related to your hashtags, keywords. This helps you to notice your performance level and how you have to improve your strategy. To be active and proactive, Keyhole assists you with its data on key social media influencers breaking down the industry on specific keyword or hashtag for that instant.

Prices: The plan starts at: $165 per month, $349 per month, $599 per month, $999 per month, and enterprise pricing

7. Sprout Social

Sproutsocial Monitor Feature

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Sprout Social is a wrap up social media monitoring tools for business. It helps you in either way to monitor and engage yourself from its dashboard. You can even publish posts from Sprout social dashboard and pool resources with your team delegates.

The primary social media platform it supports are LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. Instead of juggling between Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, manage all your activities from a single hub.

Prices: Starting at $99 per month, $149 per month, and $249 per month

8. Zoho Social


With Zoho Social, you can schedule unlimited posts, publish, monitor its responses, respond, know what people are talking about your brands, generate reports on your performance or mentions and furthermore. Zoho Social enables you to track your brand’s audience and to convert them as your assets or leads and feed into to your Zoho CRM tool or even in your Zoho social portal itself. With Zoho CRM, you can also auto-create your leads from your social media platforms.

Prices: Available in Free, $10 per month, and $50 per month.

9. Brand24

Brand 24 Social Monitoring tool

With Brand24, you can quite easily monitor your mentions, and also you can have analysis on your social media reach for your posts and branding. Brand24’s listening tools allow you look for your valuable prospects and you can manipulate them to convert as your leads.

Moreover, from the analytics report, you can discover keywords, hashtags, penetration in the social media platforms, hot topics or discussions related to your brands and more. The networks that Brand 24 support include Instagram, Blogs, Forums, Twitter, Facebook and more. For any business size, Brand24 is optimal as it provides you its features and benefits at affordable cost.

Prices: It is available in three different plans $49 per month, $99 per month, and $399 per month


Falcon Social Monitoring Tool

As a tremendous social media listening tool, proves its excellence in social listening, engaging audiences, creating responses, and generating reports. Furthermore, is unique for brand building. You can extend your brand to a greater extent as it allows you to monitor your brand, top influencer’s participation, big shot’s hot discussion on your brand topics and more. is extensively for building business brands to stand out in your industry. You can collaborate your data with its social data to engage customers and to attract new influencers or prospects. These are the supporting social media platforms: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Prices: Starting at $1,000 per month, $1,750 per month, and enterprise pricing

11. Social Mention

Social Mention Monitor Tool

Social Mention is a search engine but specifically to see the user-generated data. You can enter your topic or brand; the tool provides you the search results on places wherever there was a discussion about your topic. It helps you with the fresh data for around one month and its checks for the results from more than 100 platforms including Google, Twitter, Youtube and more websites. You don’t have an account, and also it won’t be saving your search results or queries for retrieval.

Price: Free

12. Klout


Klout is popular with its influencer measurement tool. It is entirely a different as well as a controversial software. Most people won’t say right before you about your negative. There are chances for those people to put their reviews on social networks about your products, services or your brand. The reviews may be positive or negative, Klout rates you on your social activities and public discussions.

Price: Contact Klout Team to know about pricing.

13. Tweetdeck


This tool has been around for years. This tool is considered to be the best for real time tracking, monitor keywords and brand mention. This tool is an official dashboard of Twitter where you can add multiple twitter account and monitor them regularly from the single platform.

Price: Free



If This Then That (IFTTT) will alert you to each feed where ever your keyword or specific topic mentioned online. IFTTT works on a simple flow enabling to give trigger, and it then gets into action accordingly.
For an instant, you can enter your search term and RSS feed URL to create a trigger. The supporting platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Delicious, Buffer and Google Drive.

Price: Free

15. Google Alerts

Google Alert

Google alerts, or analytics is well known social media monitoring tool. It is easy to use and comes free. You can set an email alert for specific keywords or phrases, and you will be getting alerts on every mention over the web. You can set filters for your alerts on region, languages and even sources like blogs, articles, forums or any web pages.

Set up Google Analytics to see your activity or performance on your social media networks and see how your traffic is generated from social referrals. You can improve your social participation to bring more traffic to your site. So basically, you can use Google analytics to monitor your social media performance.

Price: Free


To run a successful business, you have to focus on both positive and negative impressions of your brand across all platforms. Thankfully, with the advancement in technology, we do have loads of social media monitoring or listening tools. With its uniqueness, you can use it either to monitor your social mentions in promoting the business or to respond to your negative reviews before it spreads and spoils your brand.

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