Feature Focus: Social Media Calendar View In Statusbrew

As a Social Media Manager, the most important tool in your team’s arsenal is the Social Media Content Calendar. It provides easy visualization of your Content Marketing plan, with proper deadlines and easy organization.

With Statusbrew’s newly released Social Media Calendar View, you can visualize your posts across all your connected Social Networks. If you already have a workflow established in your team, our Social Media Calendar will fit right into it.

You can save time on planning your content strategy with your team. It is a better way of organizing your posts and allowing others to access and edit them.

Here’s how the Statusbrew’s Social Media Calendar View can help you

Hassle free scheduling of future posts

Whether you want to plan your posts daily, weekly or monthly, you can just toggle between the Weekly and Monthly Views. You can plan your

  • Weekly Giveaways
  • Marketing Campaign Posts
  • Embargo posts
  • and much more.

You can set up Content Recyclers in accordance with the days on which you want the posts to get published. Then you can see in the Calendar view, how they plan out to be in accordance with the posts on other Social Networks as well.

Filters post on Social Media Calendar

In the multitude of posts that you would have scheduled, you can clear out the posts and see only the ones that you want to. You can filter the posts based on the following criteria:

  • Social Network
  • Groups
  • Post Status
  • Categories

Social Network

You can keep a check on the posting frequencies of each Social Network by individually filtering the posts for each Social Network.


You can see the scheduled posts for your Personal profiles as well as the profiles for your brand by switching the Group.

Post Status

You can filter the current set of posts based on their publishing status. You can see which ones require approval and which ones were published successfully.


Based on the posting days and times that you set in the categories, you can sort your posts and see how they are set to go out.

You can schedule posts for each day, for example, #MondayMotivation by setting up a category that schedules posts on Mondays only and assign this category to a recycler.

Collaborating with Team Members
In the workflow that have already established in your team for your Social Media Managers, Content Marketers and Creators, Designers and your Clients, you can assign them the roles of:

  • Admin
  • Editor
  • Moderator
  • Client
    *\ Admin

They are the only ones allowed to add new team members, change team member roles and add/remove social profiles and sources.


Editors can do everything Moderators can do, plus they can create, edit, approve and publish content.


Moderators can only schedule drafts for approval, but cannot edit, approve or publish content.


Clients are in read-only mode. They may view all sections, but they cannot moderate or publish content.

With this you can properly establish a workflow between your team members and everyone can be clear about their duties and responsibilities.

With the addition on Content Pool in our coming updates, teams will be able to work in a more coherent way by sharing resources that others can use.

Who can access Statusbrew’s Social Media Calendar View?

Considering the use cases for which we designed this feature, it will only be available for the customers who are on our Business Plan.

With the Calendar View, we aim to make not only the planning but the execution of your content publishing seamless.


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