Together We Can!

"To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.”

So with lots of joyous energy and with a zeal of doing good for the society, Team Unfollowers organized a painting session in Amritsar under the banner of its regular corporate social responsibility activity named “Coloring Smiles”. One of our core members, Michelle who took this initiative and later she involved the whole team of Unfollowers.

Together We Can

The First Steps of Coloring Smiles!

This wasn’t the first time when Unfollowers conceptualized this sort of activity. Usually during the “Coloring Smiles” activities, Team Unfollowers, being an amateur artist, goes out in the city streets with few cans of colors and clean the walls over there and also paint them with their artistic skills. The thought this time made us move to S.R. Govt. College For Women, where our team arranged a painting session with the theme “Women Empowerment”.

With the kind permissions granted by the honorable principal of the S.R. Govt. College For Women, Amritsar and with the support of all the teachers of Fine Arts Department of the college and other faculty members, we decided to paint some areas around the college canteen. This is exactly the place where the students come over whenever they get time to sit down & relax, have fun, and enjoy their food treats and drinks.

Together We Can

Michelle took the initiative and started painting on the main cafeteria wall and with just a little voice that we made to ask the students to come forward and join her, we were amazed to see so many of them geared up with the paints and brushes in their hands, that we bought for them. The main symbol that Michelle decided on was "Education is the Root of Power". With the students’ choice, we selected the areas to paint. The group of students were filled with incredible enthusiasm and motivation: there we got a huge stock!

Together We Can

The Day continued with Lot’s More

During the painting session Michelle also took time to give the students a motivational lecture on women empowerment and the value of education. We wanted to strengthen their mindset, to make them aware of their social as well as legal rights and to bring out the creativeness and possibilities hidden in them.

Together We Can

Along with the painting session, we also interviewed the college students and we asked them to share a little about their dreams and goals in life. Girls in this college come from the economically vulnerable families who have difficulties in affording college tuitions. But we were amazed to see that this has not stopped them from dreaming high and aiming for big careers. We took 1 minute interviews of around 25 girls. It was really great listening them all one by one as each one of them has huge potential and the limits beyond the sky. They aspire to be successful artists, fine arts lecturers or dress designers and launch their own brand. Isn’t that interesting?

Together We Can

By the end of the afternoon while completing the event with little sweetness we distributed 170 cupcakes, specially prepared by Michelle, among the students who participated in the painting sessions as well as in the interview sessions. As little treats, they also received food coupons from us and I would rather say that each one of them actually earned those coupons with the talent and contribution they had given during the event.

Together We Can

Be a Helping Hand!

During our talks with the principal we also came to know that the college has a very unique initiative called “Each One Educate One” where a member of the society can “own” a child and sponsor her education for the entire course. The main objective of initiating this noble endeavour is to provide education to the students who aren’t able to afford the education cost. Unfollowers has pledged to sponsor the education of two girls in the college.

What We Learned

With just little effort together with the students we were able to transform an entire area in a vibrant and creative place with blooming effects of painted colorful flowers and leaves. The joy was so rewarding that we don’t plan to stop any time soon!

People have tons of potential and each of us can make a difference. Just an act of kindness is all that we need.

It was really a great experience being part of this group of confident and energetic women. The smiles on their faces made everything worthwhile!

Together We Can


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