#BetterAmritsar : A Social Drive For A Cleaner Amritsar

When we talk about our visions and strategies, we refer to the core values which help us shape individual behavior and the expectations we have about how we work and interact together. These values should not only be limited to an organization’s internal working, as we believe, businesses have a big impact on the society that surrounds them, and the best way to make this impact positive is to contribute by starting a Social Drive. Although we aren’t an NGO, we try to approach the CSR strategically, recognizing the symbiosis between businesses and society here at Amritsar, and living on the values, both internally and externally.

People struggle between the choice of doing good work for society and doing financially well in their businesses because they think they can only do one. But we feel that's not true. It's possible to achieve financial security and Give Back to Society - even if we're not doing both from 9 to 5. The Corporate Social Responsibility at Statusbrew describes both a mindset that injects socially responsible mindset into every aspect of our business and a strategy for using our skills to create a positive change in communities close to our home and around the world. And our team makes this happen – through their work with clients, their commitment to Statusbrew’s values, and their volunteering efforts for community development.

Coloring Smiles : Social Drive

Previously, Team Statusbrew organized an awareness event in Amritsar, under the banner “Coloring Smiles” where our zealous team made a move to arrange a painting session with the theme “Women Empowerment” at S.R. Govt. College For Women.
And again, with the initiative of two of our core members Michelle and Rishabh, we could achieve the same as an effort to give back to our society, by organizing our first ever cleanliness social drive under the name #BetterAmritsar.

#BetterAmritsar : Social Drive

Everyday, on the way from StatusbrewHQ towards our favorite evening spot Ranjit Avenue, we used to pass a deserted and forgotten bus station. Not only it pained us to see the littered condition of the bus station, but also the lack of awareness of citizens towards waste management and hygiene. The worst feeling was to see that this place was also a shelter for the construction workers who were repairing the freeway to escape the midday heat while their lunch break and siesta. Therefore, our team decided to contribute by cleaning up and turning the bus station into a work of art by adding up some colors.

Michelle #BetterAmritsar : Social Drive

We started a week ago by creating a facebook event for social drive and inviting our friends and family to join us on the 25th of March. It was a combined social drive organized by Statusbrew’s team at StatusbrewHQ and LittleColumbus, along with volunteers from iResponsibleAmritsar and Voice Of Amritsar.

The Social Drive Begins

So, on the beautiful Saturday afternoon of the decided day, we along with the kids from Little Columbus and some volunteers, started off by brooming the old bus station off all the waste and dirt. With brooms and scrapers, we first cleaned it up of all the accumulated dust and then began the hard work of scraping the old walls off the bills and uneven paint.

Brooming Up The Old Bus Station For Social Drive

After about an hour worth effort, we could start to feel the real face of the bus station to come out. After a quick break, this was followed by the actual work of adding life to it with colors. With paints and brushes in our hands, we quickly divided the walls into four different sections for a planned execution. We wanted to make it easier for anyone to join us or leave in between. At first, we whitewashed all the walls with a base coat to make it look even. The passersby stopped in awe to see what we were doing, appreciating our efforts, and very soon we found a lot of them joining us to volunteer for the same.

Adding Color to Walls

Accompanied by a soothing background music from our portable boombox, it was such an amazing feeling to work as we made new friends. The day continued by adding colors to the walls. We personally love a colorful life and wanted to depict the same in our work. All along the social drive session, we painted, we talked, we danced, we laughed while we strengthened our bonds and values.


One section of the bus station was beautified by the kids of Little Columbus. Innocent smiles with painted hands not only made an art on the wall but also imprinted our hearts with the selfless love, yet again strengthening our belief that the future of our society is safe in their hands.


All along, our team member, Michelle helped the kids bring out their best ideas to contribute in our social drive. They talked about their dreams, how they view the world around them and it made us realize that each and every one of them has a huge potential and for them not even, the sky is the limit!

Innocent Smiles And Painted Hands For Social Drive

The Belief Strengthened

As the day came to an end, so could we see the change we all could bring with this social drive. The feeling of accomplishment overpowered the day’s tiredness. We always believed that it’s the small efforts that add up to a larger change and we could find our belief strengthened. Looking towards the transformation of the bus station, no one could imagine how it looked like 6 hours before.

The End Of A Beautiful Day

Giving back is where you give, and then nothing happens. No benefits for you, no recognition, nothing tangible gets sent your way. Your biggest and sole reward is the realization that you’ve made a significant change in someone’s life. And if not significant, then a positive change nevertheless. It’s not to help you make your business grow, but it will help you grow as a human being. This was our small and humble effort in making this world a better place in progress and we believe it’s just a start.

The Transformed Bus Station After Our Social Drive


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