Social Brewmasters At Statusbrew

Hello Folks, Welcome to Statusbrew! Your complete social media management station. We ensure to deliver the best of social management growth hacks at Statubrew. Our team works around the clock at their own stations to ensure they brew the best social concoction for you. Well, did I tell you before that we have different stations and our expert social brewmasters dedicatedly working for your social well-being.

One of the foremost stations to develop at Statusbrew is the Head station. Chia aka brew champ is the founder of the company who started it way back in 2011. It was long back he became sure of his love for the digital world. Ever since then, he is in full-time relationship with Statusbrew. In case, he is not working at his station, you might find him assisting other social masters at their brewery. A deep thinker and a snowboard lover, he loves to romance with piano in his free time.

At our Tech Station, we have Rishabh Mahajan aka caretaker at Statusbrew. He works as the CTO of the company. After working for 4 years in Japan and Singapore with multinational companies, he knew he was meant to soar high, so he decided to commit himself to his own station at StatusBrew. Just in case he has his earplugs on, you can be sure he is touring the world of code-decode. His station works 247, actually 487 because that’s how he works- with double energy and zest around the clock!

On the Business Development station, we have Michelle Leskovska aka social scientist at Statusbrew. With a regular chocolate and lassi supply she identifies trendsetter ideas by researching the industry. A gamer by heart as a fan of Anime, Arts and Martial Arts, she always seeks new tasks that boost creativity.

At our Designer Station we have Sankalp Khanna aka designer don. He takes care of all the design and graphics at SB. He’s so freaked out that you can sometimes see him designing in the air on his airboard invisible to the human eye.. If he isn’t doing that, you might catch him gaming. His love for chocolates is only second to designing.

At our Social and Branding Station, we have Tarni Khurana aka wordsmith. She does the content-strategy building and blogging at Statusbrew. Other than that, she stays around assisting users at Support station. A nature and music lover, she prefers to stay warm with books and a tea mug by her side. Besides, literature and social media, world of psychology intrigues her.

At our Content Station, we have Disha Sethi aka singing bird at Statusbrew. She creates content and does front-end media work. She needs food and a lot of food to think and write. Google Analytics happen to be her first love at the office. She also has an explorer’s side to her and just in case you find someone humming from her social station, without a doubt it has to be this little girl!

At our iOS Developer’s Station, we have Supreet Arora aka codebrewer at Statusbrew. Much of his time is cached out around iWorld of things and git. Apart from that, his zest for tech and gadgets, keeps him busy helping others buying new gadgets. When not working you can catch him watching tv shows or political news. You better have a strong logic or a stronger cup of coffee when you sit down for a conversation with him or else, he is winning it over again.

At our Social Media Station, we have Mika Suzuki from Japan aka bohemian. She creates Japanese content and takes care of our Japanese users and account. Japanese by birth and Indian at heart, she is extremely fond of food and Indian music. She has an explanation for everything in the world, you will see it when you visit her bohemian world. She will make you a bohemian too.

At our Android Developer Station we have Shruti Ahuja aka our coding droid at Statusbrew. She eats, drinks and sleeps Android, I mean it literally. When not working she loves to sleep and get ready for her next droid challenge. Her love for movies is secondary to coding.

And, yes, there is one thing in common, we are all super mad and proud of work we do for you. If there is anything else we can do for you, feel free to drop us a mail

Wish you all happy brewery at Statusbrew!


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Tarni Khurana

Content writer at Statusbrew. Wordsmith and an amateur artist.

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