A Six-Step Plan To Twitter Growth

Administering startups and company profiles through Twitter can be a serious challenge for people who aim at developing a strong community of their own. Things might seem organised and easy to operate at an initial level; however as one prospers it becomes a serious question as to how can community be effectively organised and at the same time be able to grow and prosper. Here is one of the most well crafted plan for managing customer relations.

Use Case: Here, we shall take the case of a gym personnel who deals in gym equipments and various nutritional supplements. They also provide their customers with appropriate diet and exercise plans

Aim: To target all the gym owners, instructors and fitness enthusiasts who are eager to know about fitness and nutrition

Considering the above use case, We would follow the the Six-Step Plan to Twitter Growth and see how it can bring about ease and efficiency in Twitter Functionality.

Befriend Your Competitors

Generally, a company profile on Twitter displays much more than just numbers of followers/following. So, take some time off your busy schedule, and study the profile of your competitors. You can start by studying their mentions and tweets, activities etc. This can bring you a step closer to profiles that are actually talking about the product and services and would also be willing to set a deal with you.

Derive The Hashtags

Of course, hashtags talk about the trends followed or maintained by a profile on Twitter but they can reveal much more than that. To understand the pattern of growth and development, one must keep a close watch and observe how, where, when the hashtags have been used by the profile and its followers. Now, prepare a list of these Hashtags. Considering the above example, the user prepares the list of all the hashtags that he thinks have been used frequently by his users.

Grow Your Account

The list of hashtags you just prepared can be a unique resource in identifying people who are closely following your competitor’s profile. You can search for those users through Twitter's native Search. This would list down all the users who have ever interacted with the competitor’s profile using the hashtag, along with their tweets.


Reading random tweets made by users on your competitor's profile might not seem really interesting; however if you are looking for some real growth, such tweets cannot be avoided. Tweets along with the hashtags would enable user in understanding the nature of conversation taking place. Observe the general pattern of tweets. What is being said and how is it being said is important. This would reveal to you the premium customers, their prospective customers and also the users who are probably looking for such services. Monitoring tweets and hashtags is a one of the most effective ways to understand the requirements of users on the other side. If required, you can also study the bio details of different users to learn more about them.

Create Twitter Lists

Twitter lists is another wonderful feature that Twitter provides. They are a great way by which you could successfully invest your time on Twitter. Twitter lists lets you easily find, monitor, and interact with the right people. Like any list, Twitter lists are simple yet efficient feature that enables you to effectively group the people and brands you want to follow on Twitter. Lists on Twitter makes it easier for you to keep up with tweets from people with specific interests and expertise.

The Follow Up

Once the list of users has been created, we need a quick follow up action. This can either be in form a direct message, a tweet or a simple gesture of following. The idea is to initiate the process of communication and tell users about your product and services.

There you have it.. Rather than blindly following users, and then waiting for the follow up is a vague plan of growth. Craft a strategic blueprint for Twitter growth and you never know, when the following shoots from hundreds to thousands with a complete set of satisfied customers.


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