How To Schedule Hundreds Of Social Media Posts At Once

Reaching out to your Audience requires publishing content on your Social Media sites on regular basis. As a part of an effective Content Marketing strategy, you would need to post content every day or even multiple times a day on one or more of your Social Media sites. We well know that engagement rates at the same time differ on different Social Media platforms. This does require having to login into each platform, each time you want to schedule a post.

Statusbrew provides you with the solution for scheduling hundreds of posts across different Social Media platforms, all at once! It’s very similar to the traditional way of scheduling posts on Statusbrew with just the possibility of adding the bunch all at once.
All the scheduled posts would automatically be shared on your social accounts on the days and times you decide. It’s a great way for business brands, content marketers, advertisers and even individuals to get ahead on work, since, once the content is ready, it allows you to turn days, weeks and even months of efforts into just a few minutes!

Now, having said that, let’s get to the point!

How to schedule hundreds of posts in few minutes using Statusbrew?

Our Bulk Publish feature is the solution to this. Let me take you through the steps required to make use of this great feature. This includes creating a .CSV file that will contain all your posts you would want to schedule hundreds of posts in few minutes.

  1. Login to your Statusbrew account and from the Dashboard, go to the Publish section of the account to want to schedule posts for. Once there, click on the Bulk Planner option from the criteria bar on the left.
  2. Here, we provide the option to upload a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file in one of the two possible layouts depending on whether you assign a previously created Schedule to the list of posts or provide the posting date and time to each post individually in the CSV file. With each CSV file can upload up to 400 posts at a time.

The Pre-select Schedule layout would contain 2 columns, one for the post message (including the URLs if any) and the second of the image URLs (if any). Image URLs can be created using popular services like Imgur. These URL should always be publicly accessible. With this type of CSV file, you can assign to your posts, a Schedule from the list of schedules previously created by you. The posts will then be published according to the posting dates and times in the schedule selected.
Download a sample CSV of this format.

Schedule based CSV

The second option, Date-time based CSV file, would contain an additional column where you would need to specify the unique date and time for posting each post. The accepted format is ‘MM/DD/YY HH:MM’.
Download a sample CSV of this format.

Date-Time based CSV

For the CSV file in case of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+, the Text and Image URL are not mandatory and a post can be added without one. However, one of the two is necessary. In the case of Instagram, the Image URL field is mandatory while the Text field is optional.

  1. After uploading the CSV, on the next screen you’ll be asked to review posts with errors, if any, and go back to re-upload the CSV with the due corrections. The common errors include exceeding character limits for Twitter posts or the image URL is not publicly accessible.

Errors in CSV

  1. Once the corrections, if any, are made, reupload the improved CSV file. You will then receive a message confirming the successful scheduling.

Successfully uploaded CSV

To view all these posts, you would need to go to the Planner tab in the left criteria bar right in the Publish section. Here, you may even delete or edit the scheduled posts if needed or post them instantly.

View scheduled posts in planner

This way, you can make Social Media work for you without wasting all day. Too many social media platforms and not enough time? With our Bulk Publish, this would no longer be a hurdle for Content Marketers. What’s more? We’re getting ready for the release of our all new Publish section with tons of features for all your content marketing needs. So, if you have a great idea that we can develop into a feature, let us know in the comments below!


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