SBCON: The First Global Tech Conference in Amritsar

What happens when a group of people, dedicated to come up with a solution, sit together to brainstorm? What happens when these people decide that they want to solve an issue that will pave way for future?

The beginning of something great happens, something different but brilliant all the same. What comes up is an idea, one that will leave a mark on the world. An idea to organize the biggest Global Conference in Amritsar, SBCON.

SBCON was not just a one hit wonder; neither was it a half hearted attempt to appear as a blip on the world map, rather its aim was to provide an opportunity where enthusiasts from programming, marketing and design domains could come together and learn, educate and create something that was truly astonishing to witness.

The Inception!

What started as an idea during an Instagram live session, soon took off. As the promotion of the event started, its popularity started to increase and soon we received over 100 applications from people who wanted to become a part of this initiative.

The enthusiasm and zeal of the people that were interested in this was so infectious that we became equally excited to deliver a conference worthy of the participants that were about to enter in it.

With the opportunity to bag Pre Placement Offers, Internship Offers and goodies etc, SBCON was determined to deliver the best at each and every turn. We aimed to provide an experience that was unparalleled.

We were so excited to host an array of intelligent students and to welcome them to the Statusbrew family, to invite and showcase to them how we encourage innovation and infuse fun in work side by side.

The Preparations!

Though the event was only of 2 days but the preparation that went into it was more than that of 2 weeks. As soon as it was announced that we are thinking of hosting SBCON, queries started flooding in. People from all around started sending us messages asking for the details and that’s when SBCON started to take shape.

All of us sat together to give inputs on what and how it should be done, and soon we had a draft of our strategy for the event.

The following day, we created our facebook event for SBCON, the list of people interested started growing and we knew we had to get ready to deliver. We created and shared a Google Form for inviting registration from our Statusbrew HQ community.

It was really fun to try out new designs for the goodies that were to be given to the participants.

SBCON Event Goodies

Once everything was done and ready to go, the time came to spread the word. We wanted the news of this event to reach as many people as it could.

We started posting as much as 3 times a day so that no one was left unaware, and it did pay off. We were overwhelmed by the response we got, that we had to send invites to finalize the participants.

Once we had the numbers in hand, we had to set up the area for the hackers. Coding all through the day and night looks easy on paper but in reality, it is a massive task.

We took upon ourselves to make sure that not one of them feels uncomfortable. From setting up couches for them to sit and sleep on to bringing whiteboards and markers for them to be their productive self, we tried to prepare to our level best for the big day.

Thinking back to the work that was being done and how everyone was doing something to contribute, it was amazing to see the level of dedication people had for SBCON.

And that’s when the realization struck, we don’t just work for a company but rather in a family or a community that treats and cares for us so well that we can’t help but do the same for it.

The Final Show!

Here it was, the big day! Participants started arriving for the event early morning. Each and everyone of us was so excited to host people coming to Statusbrew.

The first day started with the commencement of ‘Hackathon’, where the participants had to sit through the night and create an application that aimed to solve a social issue. The purpose of this event was not only to encourage the participants to innovate but also to contribute to the betterment of their society using technology.

SBCON Event Late Night

And wow! What amazing ideas people had?! It’s rightly said that a man is only limited by his imagination. To get to witness that first hand was something truly amazing. From apps dealing with curbing shortage of blood and encouraging blood donation to promoting women security so that no woman ever feels threatened again, the Statusbrew HQ was brimming with exceptional ideas.

Also, a lot of people came forth with ideas for running to raise funds for charity to providing doctors to each and every one so that everyone has a professional to take care of them. We were glad to extend our warmth and hospitality to such brilliant and exceptional teams that came up with those ideas.

During the whole event, we had a continuous supply of food like pizzas, sandwiches and a coder’s favorite, coffee.

SBCON Event Food And Snacks

Seeing them so determined to work on their projects, we knew we had succeeded. It happened not because we did something extraordinary but because we successfully stopped something from becoming monotonous. They realized that just because it’s work, didn’t mean that it couldn’t be fun.

But, it wasn’t just the Hackathon that people enjoyed rather Lightning Talks were a favourite of a lot of attendees.

SBCON Lightning talks

A remarkable ambiance was created when the talks began. They were Lightning in the true sense of the word. We had topics like Can Amritsar Create A Unicorn, How To Avoid Bots From Taking Your Job, The Life Of A Travel Blogger and What Is Growth Hacking?

After the talks were over, we had a networking session where the attendees could interact with our team members. When they realized that the promise of talking and interacting with people of different countries was actually true, they decided to take full advantage of that.

The entire experience of sitting in the company of people that were determined to become something and see how involved they get into new ideas was something that was not to be missed.

Though initially the hazy clouds of nervousness were around us, they soon dissipated to something even stronger, eagerness. The excitement to showcase and welcome more people to this close knit family of ours was something that was pushing us to do better.

SBCON was a success only because of the people that were a part of it.

SBCON Event Success

Everyone at Statusbrew tried to ensure that none of the participants feel uncomfortable. People were tirelessly working to ensure that participants did not face any problem. “Hard work always pays”, that is what we believe in and when the work becomes successful then the entire company is awarded tenfold!

Not only were our Hackers working tirelessly, but also our interns from the SBCamp. They successfully created an application “Social Leaderboard”. This app successfully monitored the posting activity of all of the participants and calculated the total engagements.


By making this app, from scratch, they decreased a lot of hassle for the event. This also made the event much more fun because each and every team tried to come up with something cool to post, we were keeping a count.

The amount of fun the teams were having was evident from the numerous tweets that were frequently being posted.

SBCON Event twitter timeline

Some of them even went as far as saying,

It was a remarkable event. Learnt many new things and also talked with people from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, the environment of Statusbrew is no less than a home. I’ll be glad to be a part of such events in future.

The Journey Ahead

While SBCON has been an amazing step in the right direction but the journey is far from over. We still need to do a lot to get to where we want to.

What we have ignited is just a spark but a lot of work is needed to start a chain reaction, to becoming the torch bearer for building a startup community. So, all those who face problems in kickstarting their career may get some respite and hence are able to finally work towards turning their ideas towards a successful business that contributes to the social good.

In the end, we will only consider ourselves successful, if even one of the participants is able to not only just learn but also get inspired by our dream of having a supportive startup community right here in Amritsar.

Fret not if you missed it, head on to our Facebook page and enjoy all the highlights of the 2 day SBCON!


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