Now Twitter's 140 Characters Let You Say More

The 'saying more with less' style of communication that Twitter introduced almost a decade ago when the social media wave was taking off, has always been more than a mere 140 character count. It became a powerful tool used by marketers, brands, individuals and organisations of all sizes alike to reach out to their target audiences worldwide. They mastered and evolved the skills to spell out their unique stories, to market and sell services and products, to always be there to listen to loyal customers, to provide customer care in real time and build relationships with people who matter the most. These 140 characters have sparked revolutions for democracy, come to the aid during emergencies, been deployed by brands to cultivate trust amongst customers and governments to provide better governance to the citizenry.

Each time a Twitter post is created it is like filling an empty canvas with creative expressions in the form of limited characters, adding on rich media such as videos, images, GIFs. Twitter pioneered a new way of communication asking people to post in just, now famous, 140 characters. Either you have a lot to say or you don’t. And when you have much to talk about, please convey in 140 characters!

Latest Changes By Twitter

And now Twitter has enhanced the capacity of what those 140 characters could hold. This week, Twitter announced changes to how characters are counted in a Tweet. No, it did not increase the number of characters but now allows users get the benefit of every penny of the 140 characters text. From now on when the users create Tweets, media such as images, GIFs or videos, polls and Quote Tweets will not count towards the 140 characters. This is a marked change when the inclusion of media siphoned off 23 from 140 characters, giving the users a much desired space to shout-out more and with more clarity in a single post.

From now on when users create Tweets, media such as images, GIFs or videos, polls and Quote Tweets will not count towards the 140 characters.

The 140 Characters And Much More On Statusbrew

In keeping pace with how Twitter evolves for users worldwide, Statusbrew is incorporating the latest changes for its users. Now Statusbrew users will also be able to craft Tweets as per the new Twitter guidelines, much more efficiently crafting magnetic content for their audience on Twitter as they fill out the Planner. With our editor you can remain focused on creating the posts while being able to add images and GIFs seamlessly. Statusbrew already lets you add upto 4 images and add emojis to your Tweets. Statusbrew Publish is available across platforms - on the Web as well as Android and iOS.

Learn more about the latest in using Publish on Statusbrew to amplify engagement with audience, here.


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