Automation: How And Why It Works

A lot has already been said about how Automation works for masses and why it can be a disappointment for the majority. I have read blogs that discourage automation largely because it is too superficial and doesn’t have a personal touch. However, I still don’t completely agree to it. Therefore, today at Statusbrew, we discuss about how automation can be a positive move in encouraging users to initiate the process of communication. The art is to operate on automation with a touch of personalisation and the idea is to make your followers feel good about following you. And trust me, if you do it the right way, once would really be enough.

In our previous blog, we talked about how to use the feature of automation, and today we shall discuss on how automation can work as a tool of personalisation. We have studied a few cases associated with different fields to see how it works with each one of them. Here’s a quick look.

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Online Shopping Pages On Twitter

We see a lot of online shopping sites running their pages on Twitter. The process of automation can help take their business to a new height. Wondering how? Well, here’s the feat..

Any follower who follows the pages of an online shopping website is largely interested in their services, and chances are he would be interested in shopping out at the website as well.

Learn how to convert your followers into your buyers.

  1. User Case: A to Z online shopping.
  2. Twitter Page: A To Z
  3. Event: When someone follows you
  4. Conditions: None
  5. Action: Send a Direct Message with a promo code

The DM says, “We are glad to have you with us, you are our chosen customer and here’s our exclusive code for you. You can avail flat 20% off on your first purchase. Hurry !! The code is valid only for 24 hours.”

So, when any user follows the website, he receives a special Thank You message with a promo code which gives him a flat 20% off on his first purchase. Isn’t that exciting? No doubt, if the user likes your product and services, he would happily come back to you. Result, you just had a happy customer on side.

Hotels, Plazas, Suites and Automation On Twitter

Just in case you are wondering how automation can help these chains get more clients on Twitter. Well, the art of a smart user is to make the most of the moment when the user on the other side extends a warm gesture of communication through the act of following. Technically speaking, actions such as following/unfollowing speak a lot about user’s interest in you. Chances are if he does that, he really wants to hear from you. Here’s what Statusbrew can do for you.

  1. User Case: Aryan Hotels Pvt Ltd
  2. Twitter Page: Aryan Hotels
  3. Event: When Someone follows you
  4. Conditions: Time Zone Filter (New Delhi)
  5. Action: Send a Direct Message

The DM says, “Welcome to the world of Aryan Hotels. You are our privileged customer and we would love to have you with us at sufi night organised over the weekend. Let us know, so we could reserve a special table for you. Don’t forget to refer to this message, we also have special sweet course arranged for you for free !!”

Trust me, if I ever got a message like this on Twitter, I’ll make sure, I attend the evening. Weekend- Sufi Night- Sweet Course, Heavens !! What else could a user ask for. So, all you need to do is, put your creativity and innovation to test, Statusbrew would do the rest for you.

Bloggers and Automation

A true blogger knows the value of true readership on Twitter. No matter how much you deny, but if you haven’t had great readers on Twitter, you haven’t really had much. Automation allows bloggers to expand their readership by reaching the audience right when they are eager to hear from you. Here’s how

  1. User Case: Ms. Wordy
  2. Twitter Page: Ms. Wordy
  3. Event: When someone mentions you
  4. Conditions: Active users, No Zombie
  5. Action: Post a Tweet

The Tweet says, “Thanks for your support fella. I was wondering, there’s this another blog on creativity, one of my favourites. I’m sure you too would enjoy it. DM me once you read it”

Startups And The tool of Automation

One of the most important tools in the hands of startups is to build contacts. Automation helps user to develop strong business relations and at the same time start the process of communication with his followers. Here is how Automation can help startups prosper in a unique way

  1. User Case: Hydeen
  2. Twitter Page: Hydeen
  3. Event: Follows you
  4. Conditions: URL filter, followers/following, Profile image, Account Age
  5. Action: Whitelist Users Setting appropriate filters on the list of users who just followed you skims out the most potential and active profiles. Likely, these are people who would be interested to know about your growth and developments. Certainly, you would never want to unfollow them. Smart way is to group them all together in the list as Whitelisted Users so that whenever you come back to view the profile, you exactly know where the resource lies.

Photographers and The Click On Automation

Photographers or for that matter any artist can grow and evolve on Twitter through the tool of automation. As an artist, you want people to look at your work with a close eye. In case, you cater to people of a particular region, you can mould your rule building activity accordingly.

Here is a case of a lifestyle photographer who wants only his recent japanese followers to know about an exhibition in Japan. Here’s how the artist can go about it:

  1. User Case: Photographer.
  2. Twitter Handle: Candid Clicks.
  3. Event: Follows you.
  4. Conditions: Japanese language.
  5. Actions: Direct Message.

The direct message says, Konnichiwa, thanks for the follow. I’m exhibiting my latest photography series on Japanese Culture. Would love to see you there.

Using such tools helps artists to build a rapport with the followers. You know these people are interested in you. So, why not build a connection with them.

These are the few use cases of personalised automation, and how it can make your followers feel worthy of their association with you. As I said, the art is to make your first round of conversation sound friendly and approachable rather than just mechanical. Of course, we all know it is automation but if peppered with bit of gratitude and right approach, it no longer is just automation!


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