Rebranding - Reliving The Birth Of Your Brand

Rebranding - Reliving The Birth Of Your Brand

Statusbrew helps you unlock the power of social media to connect with people who matter

We take actions whenever our business needs. One of the most efficient strategy that any business owner and his team could plan at any time, for sharing the uplifted feeling for being better than before, is Rebranding.

The process of Rebranding consists of various business development characteristics such as:

  • Saving a brand from negative connotations happened due to previous branding
  • Reposition of the brand or the business 
  • Developing a new image in the minds of consumers
  • Sharing a new message that the corporate team of a brand wants to communicate for taking the brand to higher markets.

Brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the audience

Therefore, to stay connected you need to keep growing, developing and expressing more about what you want to share. This was the feel that boosted our hearts to share the news with you all, who are our super supporting customers, that your loving and very own Unfollowershas just rebranded. It has now become the all new Statusbrew. So, for us the reason for rebranding is not just because we changed it's name, logo and looks, in fact it has been done to provide you features with much more advancement. This advancement will help you in managing your social media lives with utmost ease and comfort. We want to make you feel the difference between what all we have created to bring convenience in your social life and how things were going earlier.

It’s just the beginning and we are overwhelmed to tell you that we have made many updates in the previous features of our application and also introduced new and very efficient features like Team Management, Scheduling, Automation, strongly keeping in mind the requirements of today’s business enterprisesRight from the posting of tweets to scheduling them to be shared in accordance with active schedules, assigning approvals to team members, getting served with core analytics, there is so much more to experience.

We have changed the application’s name from Unfollowers to Statusbrew to reflect the feel of brewing newness. Through the rebranding of Unfollowers as Statusbrew, we hope for the survival of a new evolution in the history of digital media management systems.

Our new name Statusbrew well signifies the social sense of growth. We really believe you all won’t be taking much time in getting familiar with your Statusbrew and you will love it even more.