A Quick Guide To Our Newer Better Audience Section

We at Statusbrew are constantly updating to provide you with the best user experience. This update focuses on saving your time at each step.

Keeping this in mind, we have refurbished our Audience section with a number of new and improved features. Let me take you through a quick guide, briefly explaining the changes and positioning of various features

Audience for Instagram

We now have an Overview section under Insights tab. This gives a graphical data about your profile like the number New Followers, New Unfollowers, Media Posted, Total Engagement, etc. These graphs will help you plan your growth by observing your social journey in the last 7 days.

Audience for Twitter

In our new Audience, we’ve added a host of new features besides renaming and repositioning the older ones for a better experience. Let’s take a quick look at how the new Audience looks like.

The Audience navigation has 8 sections as shown below.

Left Side Navigation

Select Source

This lets you set/select a Twitter profile to track its Audience and compare it to yours, thus helping you keeping an eye on your competitors.

Favourite Menu

You can now ‘Star’ the sections you frequently use and they’ll show up here. This enables you to quickly jump to your favourite section and save time.


This gives you two options ‘Overview’ and ‘Conversion’.

Overview gives you a graphical data about you New Followers/Unfollowers, your Activity and much more. You can now see your progress as compared to a week ago and plan your growth in the best way.

Conversion lets you analyse your growth, by seeing which sources are more interested in you by checking the follow-back rate if you’ve used the Copy Followers/Following/Source feature.


We’ve not made any major changes to this section and only resorted the options seeing the priority in which they are used so that every bit of your precious time is saved.

Under this, you can track your Audience by seeing your:

  • Everyone Following You
  • New Unfollowers
  • New Followers
  • Not Following Back
  • Mutual Followback
  • Everyone You Follow
  • New Unfollowing
  • New Following
  • Fans


Under Insights, you’ll find another menu to the right of your screen. This is our new improved Filters section. It’s divided into two tabs - Quick and Advance.

New Filter Tabs

Under the ‘Quick’ tab, we’ve added some generic filters for you to select quickly and save time. We observed that a lot of users created custom filters each time so we highly recommend that you create your favourite filter under ‘Advance’ tab as per your need and save it as a Preset Filter to save a lot of your time by not having to create it each time. The ‘Fast Follow/Unfollow’ filter has also been shifted under the ‘Activity menu’ in the ‘Advance’ Filter Tab.

Besides this, the ‘Copy Followers/Following’ option under 'Tracking' lets you easily Follow the Followers/Following of another Twitter Profile easily.


You can now search users directly or by searching through what they are tweeting using a Keyword or #Hashtag or. You may even do a Power Search by applying Location filter for searching users in a specific area only.


‘Tags’ are now under this section. Moreover, you can further see the people you have Whitelisted, Blocked and Muted under Segments.


These will provide you with the lists you’ve Subscribed to, you’re Members of and the ones you’re Owner of.


Earlier known as Automation, Compass now contains the automated ‘Welcome Tweets’, ‘Welcome DMs’ and the ‘Rule Builder’ feature.

This was a short and quick guide to our new Audience section. We’ll be giving the detailed explanations of our new features in our upcoming blogs to help you understand our features even better.

We at Statusbrew are working hard to provide you with the best features and Thank You all for your Love and Trust in us. We would love to hear your Feedback in the comments below and thus helping us improve even better. For any queries do write to us support@statusbrew.com and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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