Save Time And Drive Traffic With Publish At Statusbrew

In February 2016, we introduced the social publishing platform powered by the ability to schedule your future content across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Pages. Along the way, we have continuously added features to enhance the social publishing experience for our users.

Keeping in mind your valuable feedback and our continuous endeavor to improve user experience, we're excited to introduce the newly designed Publish section, power packed with features that are essential to a social marketer’s toolkit.

Map Your Content Flow On A Single Screen


One of the major hurdles in posting content on social media is to visualize the content flow and the frequency of posts along with its posting times. This is where Planner comes as a solution.

All the created posts show up in Scheduled Posts under Planner where they are organized according to their posting date and time. The Planner gives a quick overview of all the posts to be sent live in the future- coming weeks.

Also, each post has easy-to-access actions buttons that allow you to edit, delete, reschedule or push a post live right from your Planner.

For marketers and organizations, Planner is an easy and effective way to take a quick look over their upcoming social media posts on multiple channels.

Collaborate To Craft Compelling Content

add team member

Publishing content on social media is never a one man show. You may have a lot of to-and-fro movements within your team.

For instance, your team may have a writer, an editor, a graphic designer all working on a project together. In such a scenario, working independently not only ruptures team performance, but might also leave you out of sync with what is happening onboard. This is where team management can help.

As an owner of an organization on Statusbrew, you can add team members, assign them roles such that they can work independently yet in sync with one another.

Measure Social Engagement


One of the immediate things that you would like to know when your posts go live is its performance which boils down to Retweets, Shares and Favorites.

You can review your performance via Measure to analyze your posts' performance.

Repost Your Best Content

post recycler

According to research, most Retweets happen in first 7 minutes which means a post almost dies within 30 minutes.

Considering the amount of effort, time and research that goes in building content, podcasts, webinars - the shelf life of a Tweet is pretty disheartening. This is where you can reposting your most well received content can increase the life of your content on social media.

The Post Recycler feature at Statusbrew automatically reposts the content within a cycle so that you are able to maximize your post reach and connect with your Audience spread across timezones.

This hassle free mode of publishing makes sure that you always have enough content to build social media interactions with your Audience.


The all new Publish with enhanced design and improved layout makes it easier for you to Publish your content on social media. You can create posts, set Schedules, work within Teams all from your single Dashboard at Statusbrew. We're super excited to have you onboars. So, while you explore Publish, feel free to drop us a mail at

We'd love to hear from you.


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