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Instagram is all about telling compelling stories and inspiring your audience with visual content. With 80+ million photos shared everyday and 4.21% engagement rate per follower, Instagram has become one of the most powerful media sharing platforms.

This sums up why big brands and businesses are turning to Instagram for building their audience. And, this is exactly where Statusbrew could be of help.

With Publish section now available for Instagram, you can now create and schedule all your posts well in advance right from your desktop.

Please note that due to limitations in Instagram API Policy, no third party application, including Statusbrew can directly post content on user’s behalf on Instagram. But we just got pretty close, bringing you the ease and efficiency of posting your content on Instagram in 3-simple steps.

Publish On Instagram In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Create and Schedule Post

In Publish Section on Statusbrew, upload the image and add an interesting caption that you’d like to post along with the image.

Create Instagram Post

Now, select a Schedule or customize the posting time and queue it up in the posting list.

Schedules are a unique way of predetermining your posting days and time along with the timezone that you'd like to target. This hassle-free mode of publishing ensures that your content reaches the target audience at right time.

Step 2: Get Notified On Your Mobile

Since the web application integrates with Statusbrew mobile application, you will receive a push notification at the scheduled time. Tap on the notification to be redirected to your Instagram profile.

Mobile Notification Instagram Post

Also, make sure you are logged with correct profile on Instagram, the account with which you’d like to publish the post.

Step 3: Time To Publish Your Post

Once you are in the Instagram, the image would automatically be uploaded for you. Apply Filters to enhance your image.

Now, long press the caption box to add the text already copied for you on the clipboard. Boost up your post by adding Hashtags to it.

Publish Live on Instagram

There you go! The post is ready to Publish on Instagram.

For Business and Brands

Statusbrew allows you to work in teams and generate content for your audience. You can add team members, assign them roles such as writer, editor, publisher who can collaborate and work on building a unique narrative pattern with images.

For an instance, a writer can create posts and send it for approval to the editor. Later, the publisher will be updated about the post who can then push it live on Instagram. Doesn’t that sound a great way to coordinate within your team and establish your content flow.

So, set up your Instagram profile on Statusbrew right away. Create and schedule all your content with hassle-free mode of Publishing on Statusbrew.

Learn how big brands build their audience on Instagram


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