Publish Anywhere with Statusbrew Chrome Extension

At, Statusbrew we are constantly on hunt for finding better ways to enhance your social experience. Creating and publishing content on social media remains one of the effective channels for building social connections. So, this time, we thought of gifting you the powerful miniscule, Statusbrew fitted right at the top of your working screen.

With easy accessibility, seamless integration, you can now publish content at button’s command from Chrome browser extension.

Let’s take a quick look at what all you can do with Statusbrew:

Escalate your Social Conversations

Social media is all about sparking conversations- supplying right content, to right audience at right time. This is where Statusbrew extension comes as an efficient savior. You can simply pick content from anywhere on web and instantly post links, images, GIFs, content on different social networking channels through the Statusbrew extension on your browser.

Share Anywhere from Web

One of the most amazing experiences in the social world is to share whatever you enjoy reading on web with your audience at the very instance. Simply, select textual extracts such as dialogues, quotes, snippets from any web page. Choose the option, Brew this selection. Schedule the post or choose the option post now from the menu.

For a rich and an interactive experience, get Statusbrew Chrome Extension

Let Images do the Talking

Images are known to generate a higher level of interactions than mere textual posts. Boost your social interactions with images without having to save and later upload them from the system. Simply, right-click the image, choose the option Brew this Image and there you are, creating a visual treat for your audience.

Publish Seamlessly Across Different Social Channels

Create multiple schedules and choose different accounts, from the account selector to post same posts across different social networks. This is a quick and an efficient way of keeping your audience updated on different social platforms simultaneously.

Extend the functionality of creating and publishing great content right from your Statusbrew Chrome extension- an ultimate time savior for content management that you always wished you had at your disposal long before.

Download Statusbrew Chrome Extension right away!


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Content writer at Statusbrew. Wordsmith and an amateur artist.

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