Measure Your Social Media ROI with Statusbrew's Reporting
Are you curious to know what is the role of ROI (Return on Investment) in Social Media? And why it is important to measure the social media ROI for your business? Generally, If you ask this question to marketers, they all will give you different answers that increases your doubt instead of clearing it. However, they all agree on one thing that social media channels are capable of bringing enormous leads & traffic for websites that would eventually convert into customers.
Content Suggestions in Statusbrew
The Internet is huge! Thanks to Google and other search engines, it does not take us a lifetime to search something. Still, searching exactly something that you want to read or share, takes a considerable amount of time. To reduce this time even further, RSS was introduced. RSS solves this problem very easily. It provides you with the feed of only the content that you want to read, Content Suggestions in short. You can subscribe to different websites that you like and stay updated with the content that they publish.
We’ve Updated To The New Twitter 280 Characters Limit
With today’s 'Tweeting Made Easier' update, Twitter has now doubled its posting limit to 280 characters. While this change has been the biggest for Twitter community ever since was launched back in 2006, Twitter users responded to the rollout with "All we wanted was an edit button". As soon as we received the request to update the same from some of our customers, we implemented the #280Characters limit for your Twitter publishing from Statusbrew.
Link Post in Statusbrew
As a business, getting your customer’s attention is important. If you’re not doing that, there is no benefit of pitching them. It’s not just you but your competitors also, who are competing for it. You need to come forth as someone who is genuine and communicate more clearly. One way to do that is by making your Social Media posts look more authentic and clean. Your Social Media is the reflection of your company’s values. And you don’t want it to look spammy with links and bad hashtags, in any way.
Statusbrew's media library
For anyone who is trying to build a presence on Social Media, time is something that they can never get more of. Creating a beautiful post and then sharing it on all the Social Networks is everyone’s biggest concerns.
Calendar View In Statusbrew
As a Social Media Manager, the most important tool in your team’s arsenal is the Social Media Content Calendar. It provides easy visualization of your Content Marketing plan, with proper deadlines and easy organization. With Statusbrew’s newly released Social Media Calendar View, you can visualize your posts across all your connected Social Networks. If you already have a workflow established in your team, our Social Media Calendar will fit right into it.
New Limits On Statusbrew
After the recent changes in our application in accordance with the changes in Twitter’s Developer Agreement and Policy and Automation Rules, we were in constant talks with the Twitter developers. We previously discussed about their efforts to control spam and aggressive actions to make Twitter a better platform with more authentic ways to make connections. In our efforts for helping them achieve this goal, we have updated Twitter action limits for our customers. These updates will help you be more genuine in your approach to grow your Business and personal brand on Social Media. You will be able to position yourself in a better way amongst your target audience.
New Statusbrew Publish
Lately, a good number of social networks have captured a significant reputation. This has made the Internet a diverse community to share multiple ideas from technology to lifestyle, earth to stars and what not. With Social Networks acting as filters for content types, every business needs to create and publish appealing content on relevant social channels for their audiences.
Instagram Insights
Instagram has emerged not just to be the ‘one of’ but the leading image sharing social platform in the world with 200 million daily active users and 700 million monthly active users. Considering that it started out as a regular check-in app, Burbn, this pivoting decision was one that surely worked out for them.
Jumpstart Your Content Marketing With Bulk Publish
Statusbrew provides you with the solution for scheduling hundreds of posts across different Social Media platforms, all at once! All the scheduled posts would automatically be shared on your social accounts on the days and times you decide. It’s a great way for business brands, content marketers, advertisers and even individuals to turn days, weeks and even months of efforts into just a few minutes!