New Feature At Statusbrew: Publish Content On The Go For Android And iOS

Accessing your content publishing flow on social media is a powerful way to enhance user engagement and understand your audience’s requirement- something that we want to be as simple as possible.

And, this is exactly what got us to rework on our Publish section. The whole idea was to make it more efficient and reliable on the go. Let's take a quick look at how you can manage your Publishing on social media from your mobile device on the go:

1. The All New Planner!

Statusbrew Mobile App Planner

We are excited to introduce to you an effective and more organized way of reviewing your Scheduled posts with Planner. Planner makes it easy and effortless to visualize all your Scheduled posts according to their posting date. Each post in the Planner comes with an action button so that you can edit, delete or push a post live on the go.

The Planner makes it easier to review and manage your future content at a quick glance.

Tip: You can review the performance of your Tweets- Retweets and Share from Sent Posts section under Publish.

2. Categorize Posts By Creating Schedules

Statusbrew Mobile App Schedules

Sending out your posts without a strategy is as good as not sending one. To ensure that your content reaches its target audience at the time when they’re available, it is important to preset your posting days and time for different categories and then align your posts to it, which is exactly what you can do with Schedules. Depending upon your content strategy, you can create different Schedules each catering to a different category of your post.

For instance, A user can create a Weekend Schedule exclusively for his weekend promotions and on the other hand create a different Schedule to post Morning Quotes.

Multiple Scheduling in this manner allows you to effectively monitor your content and at the same time ensure uniformity in when you interact.

3. Add Images To Enhance User Engagement

Post up to 4 images on Twitter and Facebook

Content with images get 94% more engagement which is precisely to say that images are ruling the social world. And, we certainly don’t want you to be left behind.

Also with Dropbox and Google Drive integration you can directly add images to your posts from your photograph collections online. Thus, making it easier when you are crafting posts with rich media content. At present this Dropbox and Google Drive integrations are available only for Statusbrew Android app. We will soon be rolling it out for our web and iOS platforms.

4. Work Together in Teams

The best content curation requires a collective team effort. Statusbrew allows users to collaborate and be more productive at different stages of crafting the content and publishing. With the Organization account, you can add team members and delegate tasks for effective management workflow.

For example, a writer will create posts, designer will work on the images to accompany those posts and send it for approval to the editor. All posts are queued in the Approval List which can be reviewed and approved directly from the mobile.

So, Time To Get Started!

With this mobile update, we are continuing to make user mobile experience more reliable and efficient. And, as always we love receiving your love via feedbacks, suggestions. Keep us updated with how's it going. You can drop us a line at

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