Diversify The Scope of Search On Twitter

Diversify The Scope of Search On Twitter

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Searching Preference And Attempts

"Do you feel like any of your friend from the similar work field has a better approach to his social network? Do you think like that is absolutely the key to their social success?"

Maybe you feel he is having more sources that he can use for his business purposes or at the time of need. So what. We all have right to get in touch, interact or to be friends with like minded people, targeted customers etc whenever we wish to.

Revolution In The Mode Of Searching For Business And Everywhere

Now the point is how to get that exact appropriate result or list of results that you actually wish for. Let me tell you the good news that just to make your searching reformed in the bestest way, Unfollowers has just launched a convenient track to walk on this lane. We call it the Power Search feature. Just exactly as the name sounds, the feature actually reflects the spark of power while bringing out the results. The feature is so well enhanced that its smart functioning could serve more than many purposes and we really want you to make use of it in as many ways as you can. The results will surely surprise you. In fact it would be really convenient for you to use this feature.

Searching Ahead Your Expectation

Usually we all waste a lot of time in searching to get the exact output. If you really want your business to connect with the right audience on twitter, Unfollowers Power Search feature is the route to get there. It allows you to search by simply putting up a keyword like a username, profession, interest etc. To enhance your searching experience, the feature has been equipped with another add on of Location Search. Assume that you are into coffee business and reside in San Francisco. Now just fill in the keyword “coffee” and write “San Francisco” in the location search box and click search just like as given in the image below.

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You would be served with a huge list of users who are coffee lovers and reside in San Francisco. They all are your potential customers and you know what to do next to reach them. Let me share another effective use case that could be of great help, say you need an orthopaedic doctor urgently in London. Rather than wasting your time on irrelevant sources, you may use the Power Search tool and place the keyword 'orthopaedic' and below enter your desired location.

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Within a moment a list of orthopaedic doctors based in London will appear on the screen. Isn’t that really convenient ?

Get The Power In Just A Moment

Now Allow me to take you to the Power Search feature option so that you would find it in just a moment. Just follow the steps to use the “Power Search” feature:

  1. Login at Unfollowers with your Twitter login details.
  2. On the left of your activity screen, is the “Criteria Overview” list and there you see the Grow Your Account column. 3.Click Power Search which is the first option in the Grow Your Account section.
  3. Now, enter the keyword to make your search. It can be the username of a person or profile, business name, brand name, location name or interest etc.
  4. Hit the Search button and you have all the world to explore right in front of you.

    I am sure you would definitely enjoy the Power Search feature of Unfollowers and experience the change. I would really like you to share your suggestions and experience about the Power Search feature.