Our Transformation From Unfollowers To Statusbrew

Unfollowers was a little sapling that surfaced on web 5 years ago by a graduate who tried to figure out the real play behind the followers/unfollowers count. Of course, reaching a mark of thousands of followers over a month is no magic but isn’t less either. Ignited by market forces, he went on to learn more about it and discovered that there were actual tools on web that could help users boost their following. There were applications that were doing this and a part of him told him, he too could create something like that.

That very night, he befriended the world of coding and sat up till late night. It took him a year to create something like that. That gave birth to Unfollowers - a product of sheer hardwork of 12 months. It started as a basic tool to know about users who had unfollowed, and hence Unfollowers.

Like a baby project, it did fairly well specifically, on the count of Followers and Unfollowers. For 3 years, Chia did all the multitasking singlehandedly. Our Unfollowers family was growing and it wasn’t humanly possible to manage and assist all the goals and requirements of the project individually. It was only in 2014 that he felt he needed someone to assist him in the logs of coding-decoding for now it wasn’t anymore a one man show. Now, that was when Rishabh, his brother, decided to leave his job and both decided to work for their own project, Unfollowers. Both came back to India and gave their everything to this one ambitious new flight which includes sleepless nights and dark coffees.

In 5 years, we have multiplied from 1 station to almost 9 stations. Ok! now 9 is a big whole number. These 5 years have been marked with great events, number of decisions and re-decisions. In midst of all these decisions, the transition from Unfollowers to Statusbrew has been one of the most awaited events for our company because there are so many deeper concerns with Rebranding.

It just isn’t a name shift. In fact, it is a mark of evolution for us where we promise to be better than before in every possible way.

Besides holding high promises, we as a team have diversified in our product range and services. Our aim is to simplify the social world experience for users across the world. As I said before, social media is full of potential and our aim is to tap it and bring it forth the best user-friendly social experience. Our journey of betterment and exploration has just begun and we dearly need all your love and support.

For, Statusbrew isn’t made you of us, it is made up of you- you and your social media connections. We want you to voice your opinion, share your social experiences and help us innovate the world of social media. We, at Statusbrew make dedicated efforts to understand the changes of the ‘changed times’ of communication. As I said before, we are a small company with humble beginning. Our idea is to innovate and bring about utility in your social networking. We feed on your suggestions and love. We are up for a big flight across the domain of social media.. There are going to be great things coming your way.

Stay connected for the social brewery.


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Tarni Khurana

Content writer at Statusbrew. Wordsmith and an amateur artist.

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