Notice : Removal Of Batch Follow/Unfollow Features
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Notice : Removal Of Batch Follow/Unfollow Features

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I am writing here to inform UF’s users that we will be removing batch operation features such as bulk following and unfollowing. It is a very hard decision for us to remove this tool that has saved so much time of UF’s users.

This decision is in response to Twitter's latest guidelines about "Automation Rules and Best Practices". To ensure that UF continues to work smoothly, without any obstructions or interference from the Twitter side. We will enforce these guidelines into our next update to the service viz effective from Sep 5, 2013, 12:00 GMT This feature is now removed.

We first introduced these buttons in Feb 23, 2013 . Since then, 241,322,853 people were unfollowed and 31,535,973 people were followed using this feature alone.
Lets assume you can only unfollow/follow 2 people / second. We helped people save 38000 hrs of work, which is 4.5 years of human time in just 6 months of its operation. Not only that feature was useful, it saved countless hrs of work, which will now be carried out manually.

We promise you that we will find a way to make unfollowing and following on UF as easy and smooth as possible. Its sad to see that Twitter control us and threatens our survival if we don't follow exactly what they say :(
We at UF tried our best to talk this through with Twitter.

Tushar Mahajan @chiax

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