A New Way To Sign-in On Statusbrew

We are excited to share with our users a new way to sign-in to their Statusbrew accounts on mobile. Customers always form the core of our values that drive us to build for them a rich user experience. Signing in into the app is where their journey begins and we want that first step to be as smooth and easy, while adhering to the highest security standards so that users’ Statusbrew accounts never get into wrong hands and are always protected.

Do you as a user feel the grunt of remembering and maintaining passwords as a hassle? Are you afraid of saving passwords and want to avoid the grunt of typing each time you want to sign-in to the Statusbrew account from your mobile?

This week we are introducing a simple 2-step sign-in method that takes all these user pains away while keeping any miscreant away from getting access to your Statusbrew account. All you need to ensure though is the safety of your email credentials! But then that greatly reduces the hassle for you in that you need to just keep your email account credentials protected.

How The Magic Behind The Sign-in Link Works?

Magic link sign-in to Statusbrew account is a simple 2-step process involving Request and Authentication:

Step 1: Request

On opening the Statusbrew app on mobile, on the login screen you are asked to enter the email address that is already registered with your account. Upon entering the email you request a magic link to be sent to the aforementioned email address.

Thereby, you will receive an email with a uniquely generated magic link. This link has the following salient features:

Magic link is unique. It can be used only once till it expires. Each link is valid for upto 24 hours. After it expires unused, you need to request a new link to sign-in.

Magic Link Steps

Step 2: Authenticate

After you click open the magic link, you will be redirected to an authentication page on the web browser in the mobile. This is where the system runs security protocols and checks to verify that the email used to sign in is valid and so is the link used to sign in.

Once authenticated you just need to confirm to be redirected to the dashboard of the Statusbrew account.

The entire process is completed within a matter of seconds, faster than what it will take to recall and type in that password. The system is available for both the iOS and Android users as part of the release of the latest app versions in the respective app stores. Going forward, we will continue to strive for building features and capabilities that make user’s experience with the Statusbrew app much efficient, easier and secure.


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