Updated Limits On Statusbrew

⚠️ The Audience section has now been taken down permanently to comply with Twitter's updated policies.

You can read the full story here - https://sb.gl/AudienceShutdown

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line at support@statusbrew.com

After the recent changes in our application in accordance with the changes in Twitter’s Developer Agreement and Policy and Automation Rules, we were in constant talks with the Twitter developers.

We previously discussed about their efforts to control spam and aggressive actions to make Twitter a better platform with more authentic ways to make connections. In our efforts for helping them achieve this goal, we have updated Twitter action limits for our customers. These updates will help you be more genuine in your approach to grow your Business and personal brand on Social Media. You will be able to position yourself in a better way amongst your target audience.

Nothing sells better than originality.

Here are the things that we have updated:

Posting Limits:

One thing that most people forget is that posting a lot of posts on any Social Network actually reduces your reach with time. Posting an optimal number of posts across all Social Networks will get you better engagement.

Posting in abundance can often result in a lot of failed posts. In order to prevent them we have decided to update these limits:

  1. For the Business (and the Business Legacy) plan customers, the total queued posts can be 1000 per Social Network
  2. For the Essential (and other Legacy) plan customers, the total queued posts can be 100 per Social Network
  3. For the Free users, the total queued posts can be 10 per Social Network

Follow/Unfollow Actions:

We’ve always tried to encourage people to build meaningful and targeted connections rather than indiscriminate following. We are limiting the follow unfollow actions for our free customers so that you can make only meaningful connections that will help you grow.

  1. For now, there will be no changes in the limits for all our premium users*
  2. The new limits for the free users will be 10 follow and unfollow actions
  • Twitter action limits still apply according to their terms and conditions.

Note: Our systems will be monitoring the actions of our premium users. If there are aggressive actions being performed, we will be forced to reduce these limits.

Apart from updating our limits, we will be adding more features like Calendar View, Reporting with powerful Insights, Giphy and Pixabay integrations, strong browser extensions, and a lot more, as we will be updating our pricing in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated about everything.

The updated limits might seem like an inconvenience at first but eventually, it will give you better returns on the efforts that you put in. We’re here to empower you with your social success. Let us know if you ever need anything.


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