New Feature: Manage Your Twitter Lists

Lists are a powerful way to keep track of people. List Management is our next set of tools to make Unfollowers the best management tool for Twitter. Lists are similar to tags and we have talked about creating and managing people with Tags on our blog before. With our new Lists Management, you can view Members or Subscribers of any list you have subscribed to or you own.

Create A New Twitter List

With Statusbrew, you can now create a new Twitter List of your interest to monitor a specific list of people.

Lists are of 2 types:

  • Private Lists: Lists that are created for personal purposes and aren't visible to other users on Twitter
  • Public Lists: Lists that are an open source on Twitter. These can viewed and subscribed to by different users on Twitter.

create a new twitter list

List "Venture-Watch" Members

This lets you have a look at Members/Subscribers and Manage them with our Powerful Tools.

List members

Add/Remove List Members

Here you can Add or Remove people to any of the list you created, easily with just a single click.

Add remove members

Track Your Lists

You can view three major sections under Lists:

  • Subscribed To: This refers to the Public Lists (Lists of other users) you have subscribed to.
  • Members Of: This refers to the Public Lists where you have been added by other users on Twitter.
  • Owner Of: This refers to the Lists (Public and Private) that have been created by you.

Under each list in the column, you can view the List name, its Owner and further the list of Members and its Subscribers as well.

lists subscribed to


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