Conversions, Auto Tags
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Conversions Is The New Auto Tags

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This New Year, we rolled out tonnes of improvements and new features, we made some significant changes in our platform and one of them was changing our Auto Tags feature to a new feature called Conversions. We made this change to make Auto Tags more meaningful and efficient for your growth strategies.

Conversions tell you:

How effective is your Follow Strategy

Conversions will show you how many of the people that you followed, followed you back, so that you can improve your follow strategy.

Identify your best competitors

You will be able to recognize which of your sources is more beneficial for you, so that you can save time and spend it on making more useful strategies

Conversion is the New Auto Tags

Tags and Auto-Tags have always been an integral part of our application. We will provide incremental updates in both of these features which will make them more meaningful for you to use and we believe that branching them in two separate features is the right way to go.

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