The New Face Of Unfollowers

It’s been four years Unfollowers is doing hard to provide you the best social media management services. During this journey of four years, we have changed a lot in various aspects, whether they are features, customer support, publishing, social media interactions etc. Now, again the time has come for a new change and we are feeling immense pleasure in introducing you today with our new identity- Unfollower’s all new logo. Have a glimpse of it in the cover image of the blog. It’s a butterfly!

So, why logo of a butterfly now? We know that you are very well familiar with the Unfollowers previous logo which was a white feather. But are you aware of the fact that it symbolises flight. It was a feel that we created to reflect the reality that Unfollowers has created a better world for you to manage all your social media activities. Now, Unfollowers with its new butterfly logo is again a new feel of transformation. This blossom butterfly has spread its wings to connect your social followers with your followings and reaching your new connections in good time.

A journey that started with the basic community management features to track the followers and following has been evolving since last four years and in the recent times we created quiet ultimate features for you and we feel glad that you liked it and gave us a great response in the form of your feedbacks. Unfollowers Power Search is one of them which is highly being loved by our users. The feature allows you to make a search by typing a keyword such as a Username, interest, job title etc. Recently, we advanced it with an add up of location searchoption which has actually revolutionised the searching experience of our users.

Another tool at Unfollowers which is receiving a huge response is the the tool of Graphical Insights. This tool is efficiently providing the minor to major graph reports of almost every list that you have in your profile. the tool provides the critical analysis reports regarding the progress of your accounts. From the small businesses to big enterprises have liked and recommended this tool as it has helped them to build their further marketing strategies and to focus on the arenas where they lack.

Unfollowers community management features of Auto-tagging has proved to be a great source of organisation of followers, following and more. This features helps in sorting all the accounts, keeping the similar ones managed under a specific tag. This tool has made our user’s life quite easy as of now they don’t need to scroll down for long to find a profile they are looking for. They can directly get them under the tag they created.

Our new logo shares the feel to make you understand that the time has come to experience the unpredictable. There is a big surprise waiting for you at Unfollowers which will completely transform your social life. Your social interactions wouldn’t have been this better ever. The individuals, small businesses, big enterprises and all others, this social brewery is fully equipped to brew all your social actions to take your business to a higher pace and along with that it will ease your life keeping you stress free and relaxed by handling all your tasks even when you aren’t around. Well, all you need to do is a little more wait.

Thank You for keeping your faith in us. We really admire your feedbacks and reviews. Every single query, suggestion, review, comment, whether it’s positive or negative, is important and valuable for us. It works as a push that takes us towards the zone of improvement. We assure you today with the launch of our new logo that the flight of your expectation to manage your social media world would now have a much convenient and aspiring journey with Unfollowers.


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Disha Sethi

Content writer at Statusbrew.

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