Drown In Music To Rise At Work

There are times at work when you are all exhausted in body and mind. You so wish there was something that could shake and reenergise the insides of you, pull you out of drudgery and place you amidst happiness and productivity.. If you thought there wasn’t a remedy, you must read ahead and discover your own recipe to it.

So, besides a cup of coffee or a 5-minute stretch routine at office, there is music- good music that can keep you going at work. A great amount of research already proves, how music can boost productivity and bring better side of you at work. In fact, therapists and music psychologists have known to create specific music tracks that trigger the ‘feel-good’ part of human brain.

"Take a music bath once or twice a week for music is to the soul what water is to the body." - Oliver Wendall Holmes

Why Music Works - At Work?

music at work

Since ages, music is known to have therapeutic effects on one’s behavior. It is a universal language of love and harmony. In fact, so many us cut ourselves from reality by plugging in our favorite music track.

Working environment is no different. It was only after I joined UF Team, that I realised working with earplugs on meant some serious work. Although, it can be a matter of habit, however, it involves some serious science as well. Scientifically speaking, music is known to inspire, motivate and alleviate stress- all prerequisites to perform better at work.

A 2005 study published in "Psychology of Music" found that workers who listened to music while working had higher productivity than those who didn't.

Focus Is The Key My Friend

music improves focus

Human mind by nature is a wandering being. Many people plug in headphones to cut the environmental noise, while for others, it could be an anchor tying them to the world of reality. Listening to music ensures that an individual focuses on a same task at a stretch without getting distracted by any external stimuli. Music and work set together in a synchronized way in human mind, thereby ensuring that have a positive correlation. A study reported that music improves quality and pace of one’s work.

Keeping studies aside, music is also about one’s personal experience with the art form. Few people might just refer to work in complete silence than with music. While, others would simply plug-in earbuds at work to cut down environmental noise. Also, music playlist of every individual might vary depending upon the task they have at hand. Here’s a general view as to what sort of music can help you at work:

Say NO To Lyrical Music

Researches believe that music with lyrics activate the language faculty of human brain. Therefore, processing musical lyrics with another task at hand can leave you divided and distracted which is why, focusing on a task can be more challenging. Also, this would increase the chances of an error as the cognitive ability gets divided.

How About A Music Break

music break

Ok! This is something really cool and let me tell you- this works amazingly for me. So, at times when I know listening to music can be interfering with my work such as in writing- I prefer to take music doze before I settle down to work. The key point is you must prefer one of your good-old energetic or a typical ‘go-hit-the dance-floor’ music from your playlist of favourite tracks.

Reason: A Study says listening to music is same as enjoying a delicacy or looking at something appealing . It releases dopamine- the feel good chemical in human brain which is pleasure-giving and stimulating. This doubles up your pace to work, also improves your concentration, and chances are you shall perform better. Also, prefer an unheard song rather than a song you have heard a multiple times in recent past.

Sync To Familiar Music At Work

Plug-in to familiar music at work as this does demand much of human attention at work. Sounds that are familiar to human brain can lead to relaxation and can also uplift one’s mood. Also, music tracks that are already familiar to an individual happen to distress and motivate at work.

When Music Works And When Not?

When Music Works And When Not?

  • This is important- prefer music at sound of 70 decibel; anything high or low can be distracting and can deteriorate your work performance.
  • Never tune in to a new song in problem solving activities.
  • Familiarity is best to uplift mood. Try it out.
  • Try different genres, tempos, beat and speed of music to find your sweet spot. There are individual differences and not same music works for everyone.
  • According to studies, people in software, Dev and graphics enjoy thrilling music with lyrics, whereas while reading or assessment people prefer soft and low music.

Music can be enriching and sometimes the most needed break at work and home. Now whether to plug-in earphones at work or not is a matter of personal choice. But just in case you doubt- leave science aside and grab your headphones to discover it your own way. Trust me, you wouldn’t be disappointed.


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