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"Searching for something and then getting it all of a sudden gives a wonderful feeling." Isn’t it ? For sure, but sometimes the hardest part of searching someone or something over the internet via social media is figuring out how to express your thoughts by words. One of the efficient medium of getting accurate information is through Twitter as it is quick enough in breaking the media headlines and in generating results in real time. So, Copy Users by Tweet at Unfollowers, a smart tool to search someone by tweet, is now enhanced with a Location Filter that can help you in a much better way to get refined results.

Location Filters are efficient enough to work as geological finder. When a user will enter a hashtag or a keyword to make a search, that might not give the exact desired results. May be he or she would have to scroll down a long list to select the profile they are actually looking for. But if you use "Copy Users By Tweet" while applying the Location Filter, things would be pretty easy for you. There are maximum chances of getting accurate output.

Just think.. that you have recently opened up a happening coffee house in San Francisco. Though it won’t make much sense to advertise in whole America and wasting huge amount of money. But if you are an avid Twitter user, then Location Filter of "Copy Users By Tweet" at Unfollowers can be a smooth track for you to reach your potential customers. Now, If you use a keyword “coffee lovers” and in location filter you write San francisco, a list of users will appear in front of you, who have tweeted about coffee recently and are living in San Francisco or belong to that place. So, here you get a great idea how you could find people over the internet and you can now plan content to write back to them in respect of expecting them as your future customers. May be by sending them small invitation DM’s.

You can also auto tag users by giving a particular tag to a set of similar interest of users. This will help you to manage them wisely and you won’t have to make much attempts to find them in future one by one.

How To Apply Location Filter With Copy Followers Feature?

  • Firstly, just login to your Unfollowers account via twitter

Location Filter

  • On the left of your activity screen is a column named “Criteria Overview”. There, find the second option of “Grow Your Account”

Copy Users by Tweet is the second given feature at Unfollowers “Grow Your Account” list.

Location Filter

Location Filter

  • Enter the keyword or the hashtag your are searching for.
  • Now enter the location name from where you want to pull the results.
  • Hit the Go button.

In a while, you will get the well refined results related to the search you made. So...from now if you may have to look for something...Use Unfollower's Copy Users By Tweet location filter and get it!


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