Introducing LinkedIn And Google Plus Integrations On Statusbrew

The year 2016 has been remarkable for Statusbrew, beginning with us embarking upon a journey of transformation towards becoming a complete social media management technology company. When Unfollowers became Statusbrew in February we kicked off the newness with the roll out of of scheduling for social publishing on Twitter as part of the launch of Publish. Making progress with the expanding integrations for Instagram and Facebook. And we promised to deliver more to empower users in managing all their favorite social networks from a single unified dashboard.

We are taking one more step in delivering on that promise. We are very excited to share new integrations for LinkedIn Company Pages, profiles and Google Plus Pages on Statusbrew.

All Networks On Single Unified Dashboard

Over the last quarter we have continuously received requests from our dedicated users to facilitate scheduling of content calendars for LinkedIn and Google Plus with the Statusbrew Publish Planner. The Publish Planner allows teams to plan their entire social publishing calendar, control the distribution across networks with multiple schedules and measure the performance for each post at the granular level. This has been a boon for our users as it has helped them not only engage with audiences but also maximise ROI on social channels.

Unified Statusbrew Dashboard for SMM

But social networks are expanding and there are different sets of users that comprise your current and potential audience. They are all spread across different network platforms with different behaviors. It is a no brainer to have a holistic social media strategy that allows you to effectively target and expand the outreach to these wider audiences. Also, as a team or an individual you want to manage all your social media properties, spread across networks from a single unified dashboard. And that is exactly what has always been our objective to help you achieve, even when we were offering integration with Twitter only, to manage your entire team, all the channels and access solutions that Statusbrew offers for productively managing social media properties from a single dashboard. And now you can do so with much more ease with the inclusion of LinkedIn and Google Plus to your Statusbrew account dashboard, giving access to a total of nearly 133 million monthly active users! (LinkedIn Announces Third Quarter 2016 Results and Statistics Brain)

What's New?

Publish on LinkedIn

You can now connect Company Pages and profiles on LinkedIn to the Statusbrew account. Plan and schedule content marketing campaigns. This will enable companies to enhance engagement on LinkedIn and track growth of their brand in an efficient manner. Further, streamlined social publishing will allow companies to showcase their distinctive cultures and products to professionals, clients and industry peers; aiding in talent scouting, increasing fan base and connecting with prospective clients.

Publish on Google Plus

Maintaining Google Plus Pages is not only a requirement but an opportunity to connect with about 27 million unique monthly visitors. And Google Plus offers a conducive platform for brands and businesses to share content with users who can then be incentivised to become potential consumers - regular readers, customers or fans. Now you would be able schedule content for Google Plus Pages at the same time as for other networks, thus touching base with audiences across the entire social spectrum on the internet.

The Year Is Not Over Yet!

Statusbrew’s vision is to help people make connections that matter and forge stronger relationships. This is an ongoing process that we continuously strive hard to build innovative solutions for. Although the winters are setting in, but by no means we are going to slow down. We have lot many exciting features waiting to be be rolled out just so that you always have an edge in the dynamic social world.


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