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How To Correctly Share Links On Social Media

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As a business, getting your customer’s attention is important. If you’re not doing that, there is no benefit of pitching them. It’s not just you but your competitors also, who are competing for it. You need to come forth as someone who is genuine and communicate more clearly.

One way to do that is by making your Social Media posts look more authentic and clean. Your Social Media is the reflection of your company’s values. And you don’t want it to look spammy with links and bad hashtags, in any way.

If only there was a way to create posts for your Social Networks that did not have the jargon of links?

Statusbrew’s Link Posts 💡

Our aim with this solution is to empower you to communicate more of your ideas with your prospects while keeping your Social Media posts crisp and clear for everyone to read. Your posts will be more appealing and convenient for people to read.

Link Post in Statusbrew

You can create posts with no links in them, just the link previews. You will have more space to experiment with your hashtags and post content and worry less about the space.

Now, with our newly released support for Twitter's 280 characters, you can make your Tweets longer and better and expressive and the way you want them to be.

If you really think about it, which one looks cleaner?


Link Post in Statusbrew

Or This?😍 👍

Link Post in Statusbrew

Your posts will be more clear and will highlight your message to your target audience, rather than getting lost in a sea of links. Schedule your posts with Statusbrew and make your timeline more illuminated with every post that you make.