Introducing Custom Links Integration

We’ve all seen links on Twitter or Facebook posts shortened with,, etc., which are a great way to consolidate big, long, ugly links into something more manageable & space-saving. However, they’re also fairly anonymous.

You would have seen short URLs that are associated with a certain brand or company, such as Amazon’s, The New York Times’, or even Statusbrew’s There are some definitive reasons for doing this, and if you have a site & use short URLs to share its content, you should look into having your own custom short URL.

Branded Short Domains drive more than just brand impressions and visibility – they can drive up to a 34% increase in CTR. They’re most often used in social media posts and are appealing for their short aesthetics and analytics to help you track statistics.

It's now possible to set up your own custom link shortener to use with Statusbrew if it's registered with
Read more about how to add your Custom Links Statusbrew →

Here are the benefits it comes bundled with:

Brand Identity, Recognition and Trust

People will instantly recognize that the link they’re going to click on comes from your brand. As mentioned before, people would be more likely to click through to the page when they see a link from your short URL. The link will continue to carry this advantage for you when it starts showing up in places beyond the profiles you control, further extending your reach to existing & new visitors.

If you’re trying to build positive relationships with readers & visitors to your site, you’re giving potential visitors confidence that the link they’re about to click on is trustworthy. You’re also letting them know that you endorse whatever page you’re linking to.

Flexibility - Client & Brand Specific

If you're an agency with multiple clients or have multiple domains under your brand, Statusbrew gives you the flexibility to add multiple branded short domains for each of them. This works great when your client already has a custom domain and would help you maintain their identity and recognition as mentioned above.

Moreover, no more jumping to each client's account to generate their links, as all of the shortenings for each domain can be done, right from your Statusbrew account.

Tracking and Analytics

You can track the views and click rates and also get in-detail analytics about who clicked and whether the visitors are from your target audience. You can analyze which links work well and which don’t. So, AB testing will be easier. Also, time is saved as you will cut down the duration spent on analyzing each campaign and links used for it.

When bundled with Google Analytics, you can achieve granular level details about the audience reaching to your website from these links, helping you get the right people in your Marketing ToFu.

Statusbrew for your Goals

The end goals of Content Marketing today are twofold: create good content that speaks to your target audience, and make that content easily accessible, shareable, and measurable to promote maximum impact. In reaching the second step of this goal, simplicity becomes extremely important.

With Statusbrew's Custom Links Integration, your business is assured simplicity and flexibility to hit the right goals. When combined with Statusbrew's Slack Integration, your team can reduce your publishing workflows by over 30%.

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