Introducing Bulk Publish On Statusbrew

Last month we introduced Planner in the Publish section of the Statusbrew app. We have been stoked by the positive response from our users. With the Planner that gives a clean view of the editorial calendar for the entire content publishing strategy across social networks, it has improved the capability of users to focus more on crafting magnetic content and delivering at the right time to the right target audiences.

Adding on to the delight, we are excited to announce the release of Bulk Publish feature as the next step in the direction to making it more efficient and productive for content teams to deliver for best outcomes. Today we are rolling out in full the ability for users to schedule large volume of posts for different social networks at one go.

The Challenge - Scheduling Entire Publishing At Once

Social publishing is a lot more than just regulating the cadence of posts across multiple social networks. It is not just trying to sell more of your product. It is about weaving a story about your brand that captivates imagination of the people. It is about creating greater awareness around your brand to generate higher engagement with customers online which will lead to higher returns. Designing and delivering the right content strategy as part of marketing campaigns is driven by the motive of initiating and keeping the conversation around the service or product alive, compelling enough to create organic chatter that revolves around the specific campaign or brand as a whole. The challenge is to let the publishing teams work diligently on the content and not let scheduling for the entire future course become a bottleneck.

Here’s Bulk Publish Solution From Statusbrew

Bulk Publish empowers brands, marketers, advertisers, PR teams, businesses and even individuals - influencers, freelancers to be more productive and focused on curating the right content that resonates with their target audiences, attracting customers and in an effort to take the brand to the top in the industry.

Now with content ready for distribution, Bulk Publish is a simple, quick and easy way of scheduling large volume of posts that are part of campaigns or belong to different categories of interests for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Pages.

Bulk Publishing In Easy Steps:

Step 1

Create a CSV (comma separated values) file using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You can upload CSV file in one of the two possible layouts depending on whether you assign posting date and time to each post individually or assign a previously created Schedule to the list of posts in the CSV file. Each CSV file can contain upto 300 posts at a time.

The Pre-select Schedule layout contains the post message (including the URL if any) and an image URL (if any). Image URLs must always be a publicly accessible link and can be created popular services like Imgur. With this type of file you can assign a Schedule from the list of previously created Schedules and the posts will be published accordingly in the cycle of posting times and days. This is the best way of letting the system push the posts live and not worrying about times for every post separately.

Pre-select Schedule CSV

The Date-Time based layout contains a third column where the user needs to specify date and unique time of posting for each post.

Date-time CSV

The CSV file can contain a list of Tweets or images for Instagram along with caption text. A CSV file can also be created and scheduled for Facebook Pages.The user can select only one social channel at a time where the posts are to be published. For same posts to be published on another channel, the user must re-upload the CSV file for that particular social channel.

The CSV file can also be imported to create a Post Recycler.

Step 2

After the CSV is uploaded and the social channel chosen, the next step is to review posts with errors, if any, and re-upload the CSV with due corrections. Possible errors could include missing date and time for a post, if the character limit exceeds for a particular post message or if the image URL is not accessible or dysfunctional.

Review Errors

Step 3

After all posts are corrected the posts are scheduled and populate the Scheduled Posts section of the Organization’s Publish Planner. Here the user can edit or post instantly any of the posts.

Scheduled Posts

With this latest feature, we believe this will empower content marketers’ publishing armor. Going forward, we plan to increase the flexibility and compatibility to make it much easier for users to import and schedule posts in large volumes as well as how they can add images.


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